Expert Troubleshooting Tips to Fix the “0x8000FFFF” Error in Windows 7

Windows PCs has revolutionized the entire technology world. Nowadays, PC is one of the essential machines that help us deal with our daily activities. It can operate easily without having much technical knowledge. However, mostly PC user gets frustrated when they face computer problems due to lack of technical knowledge, even a minor or major issue. They usually run to a local technical support for help. As Windows PC are very common and have become a favorite choice for everyone. However, there are some common computer-related problems that can PC users can face. Some of the issues include, slow performance, virus or other infection.

From this article, you will learn some useful troubleshooting methods to resolve “0x8000FFFF” error in Windows 7 on your own. You can do it without taking help from computer support companies.

“0x8000ffff” errors may occur when your Windows operating system becomes corrupted. So, it needs to be fixed immediately to avoid further damage to your PC. It may also require you to install Windows operating system, corrupt application or even make you lose valuable data if you don’t resolve it on time.

Symptoms of the Error

•    PC may run slow and freeze up frequently.

•    An error will appear on the screen suddenly and crashes the active program.

•  The error can occur while installing a program while starting up or shutting down the Windows and even it may appear while installing Windows operating system.

Causes of the Error

There are various reasons for causing the error, and the most common causes are as follows:

  • It may occur due to an incomplete installation of Windows 7.
  • Windows related files mistakenly deleted.
  • Windows system files have corrupted due to viruses and malware infection.
  • Corruption in Windows registry due to recent installation or removal of application.
  • It may also occur due to conflict application while restoring the system.

Resolution of the error

Method One:

Follow the below steps to create the ‘Windows RE’ image:

  • Click ‘Start’ button on the keyboard.
  • Then, go to ‘All Programs.’
  • And, open ‘Windows AIK.’
  • Now, right-click ‘Deployment Tools,’ and then hit ‘Run as administrator.
  • Next, Follow the below command, to copy the ‘Install.wim’ from Windows 7 installation to a folder.
  • md C:\OS_Image
  • md C:\OS_Image\mount
  • copy D:\sources\install.wim C:\OS_Image
  • Follow the below command, to Mount the Install.wim file by using the ImageX tool.
  • ImageX /mountrw C:\OS_Image\install.wim 1 C:\OS_Image\mount
  • Follow the below command to copy the ‘Windows RE’ image from the mounted Windows 7 image to a folder.

md C:\winre

md C:\winre\mount

  • copy C:\OS_image\mount\windows\system32\recovery\winre.wim C:\winre\
  • Now, follow the below command to unmount the mounted Windows 7 image after you copy the ‘Windows RE’ image.

ImageX /unmount C:\OS_Image\mount

Method Two:

Perform the following steps to install the hotfix on the ‘Windows RE’ image:

  • Run the below command to mount the 'Winre.wim file.
  • ImageX /mountrw C:\winre\winre.wim 1 C:\winre\mount
  • Then, run the below command to install the hotfix.

Dism /image:C:\winre\mount /Add-Package:c:\TEMP\Windows6.1-KB2709289-x64.msu

  • Now, run the below command to determine whether the hotfix has got installed successfully.

Dism /image:C:\winre\mount /Get-Packages

  • And, run the below command to commit the changes to the Winre.wim file.

ImageX.exe /unmount /commit C:\winre\mount.

Method Three:

Follow the below steps to create a customized ‘Windows’ RE by using the Winre.wim file.

  • Run the below command to create a file
  • copype.cmd amd64 C:\WinREx64.
  • Run the below command to copy the ‘Winre.wim’ file to the ISO\sources folder, and then rename the file as ‘Boot.wim.’
    • copy C:\winre\winre.wim C:\WinREx64\ISO\sources\boot.wim
  • Now, expand the customized ‘Windows RE’ image to any media.


The System Restore tool in Windows 7 is a valuable utility to resolve major problems and errors. As you have seen above that there are various troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

If the error prevails, then it is the right time to contact technical support expert from a reputed computer support firm to resolve the error immediately. “0x8000ffff” is a critical error that occurs when your Windows operating system becomes corrupted. So, it needs to be fixed immediately to avoid further internal damage and loss of valuable data on your PC.

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