Exercising at the Gym Vs. Exercising at Home

home vs gym

Do you plan on starting to exercise a little bit more, but you have a hard time deciding where to do it?. The answer to this question is simple: it’s all in the purpose you are planning on obtaining through these exercises. Let’s begin by presenting The Advantages and Disadvantages of working out in the comfort of your home.


  • You save money in long run.
  • Save time.
  • You benefit from discretion.
  • You have the freedom to exercise at any time.


  • The variety of exercises is limited.
  • You will tend to neglect all sorts of muscle groups.
  • You will practice unattended.
  • You might get hurt, if you don’t perform these exercises properly.
  • You will become tempted to take often and long breaks.

If you chose to workout at home, you will need a lot of determination and perseverance to continue this, because the results will come up later. Most times, when people start working out at home they fail to follow a consequent exercising program and, obviously, the results are way below the expectations. Moreover you need to invest in equipments like leg press machine, compact treadmill so that it occupies less area of your home gym, elliptical machine for an intensive cardio as well as other fitness equipments like dumbbells, etc,.

:Let's now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working out in a gym:


  • Very large variety of fitness machines and a motivating environment.
  • You can socialize with other people who are also interested in staying fit and healthy.
  • Your training will be supervised by an authorized instructor.
  • The possibility of using a wide range of weights.
  • You can also use the jacuzzi, massage, and sauna to relax after an exhausting workout session.
  • You will also get personalized nutrition tips.
  • You will be more organized because you will have to get there at a certain hour.


  • You have to pay the monthly subscription which not a good deal when considering the long term as compared to home gym.
  • You will have to organize your entire schedule by revolving around this.
  • The lack of clean air.
  • The lack of intimacy.

In my personal opinion, the only major advantage of exercising in the gym is the fact that you benefit from an authorized staff. I personally recommend training in the gym if you want to get remarkable results.

However, if you don’t have the time, it’s great to exercise at home, because any type of physical effort is more than welcomed.

Do You Prefer Going to Gym Instead of Working Out in Home?

If You Choose to Hit the Gym instead of working out in home below are some tips that you must follow:

  • Transform the experience of going to the gym into a habit

If you want to see some positive changes in your body and mind, you have to transform this into a habit. I know it seems quite impossible now, especially if you’re also a busy person, but hitting the gym 3 or 4 times per week is absolutely essential in order to achieve success.

Long-lasting habits will turn into a lifestyle, and once you set this into your mind, you will notice that when you fail to respect them, you will start feeling guilty.

Fitness experts claim it takes 21 days to create a new habit - which means that only after those 21 days of constant exercise you will start feeling frustrated whenever you quit.

Does it bother you to skip a workout? No problem, it is a normal reaction that suggests quite clearly that you are slowly, but surely, heading towards success! Allow yourself more time to create a new habit because one week is not enough.

  • Control Your Risks

Beginners often learn by looking and analyzing what happens around them. This is not a bad thing, but if you copied a wrong move from someone, then you will continue to do this the wrong way.

In such cases, many resorts to mechanicals movements, when instead, your efforts must be concentrated and controlled. The key is to isolate and work strategically every single muscle groups through various exercises, from different angles and techniques.

The more you contract a muscle group during a lifting, the more muscle mass you will develop! Those big and scary weights can wait. Overall, the size of your weights matters less if you’re doing the exercises wrong.

  • Combined Movements (COMPATIBLE)

When you first enter a force room, you are probably tempted by all sorts of complex training techniques. Most of those techniques were also encountered in various fitness magazines or various websites and, surely, you'll want to do it too, because the fact they are so heavily promoted, their ads are determining you to believe they are right.

Don’t rush: if you have never gone to a gym, then you must know these will not be very useful for you right now. For good results when it comes to beginners, I recommend you to start with squats, push-ups by the bar, push-ups from the shoulders, a little bit of stretching…

These exercises require the use of multiple muscle groups at the same time

By performing these, you will be able to lift more weights, you will train more muscle and increase your metabolic rate much better than when you make dropouts of isolation movements such as triceps extensions.

Choose those elevations that involve using at least half of the body to make them. Isolation exercises can be added along the way, start first with what I told you earlier.

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