Everything You Want to Know About Worktop Offcuts

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Worktop offcuts are something that is made available as the by-product of the original worktops. If some worktops are required in particular dimensions then the small pieces of worktops left as scrap can be known as worktop offcuts. These offcuts can be used as table tops, chopping boards, window sills, garden paving, etc.  If you are looking for offcuts for your kitchen, there lies a huge variety in the material to choose from. Kitchen worktop offcuts can be chosen out of granite, quartz, marble, real wood or oak wood or any other material of your choice.

Why are offcuts cheaper than whole worktops?

Kitchen worktop offcuts are in great demand these days. They are more preferred than the whole worktops as they are cheaper and do not cause wastage. The cost of choosing big pieces of worktops is definitely more than the cost of arranging the small pieces of offcuts as a worktop. These offcuts are not only economical but also help you to play with designs and patterns in terms of their arrangement. The overall cost of worktop offcuts varies according to the type of material used, the number of pieces installed and the size of those pieces.

Benefits of worktop offcuts

If you have thought of employing offcuts as worktops, you are surely equipped with a variety of benefits as follows:

Easy to replace: When you use offcuts as your kitchen worktops, you can use the stress-free as these can be replaced or reinstalled very easily. You do not need to replace your entire worktop. Just a part of it can be replaced with a fresh offcut.

Affordable: When you want to use the good material such as good quality wood or granite but want to save on cost, installing offcuts is the ideal way. You can buy small offcuts at a very cheap rate as compared to a full slab of granite or entire worktop.

Easy to clean: Worktop offcuts are easy to clean as they do not reflect dirt on any sort of material. The stains on offcuts are not so much visible to make it appear messy and odd.

Multi-purpose: You can use worktops that are made using offcuts for any purpose such as chopping, kneading, keeping utensils, etc. without the risk of its spoilage. The scratches caused by cutting or chopping will seem like the pattern and won’t appear worn out very soon.

Arrange as per your wish: You can make patterns out of their different arrangement as these can be of various sizes and arranged in asymmetrical or abstract patterns. This will give your kitchen worktop an altogether new look.

Things to be remembered:

While choosing kitchen worktop offcuts, the following are some of the considerations that must be paid attention to:

Availability: Some companies offer only worktops and not worktop offcuts. If you wish to repair your worktop with offcuts, then it may be a pain to find the exact type of offcut that resembles your previously installed worktop.

Check for quality: Some offcuts may tend to crack soon due to the rough cuttings from its large piece. These offcuts are usually the scrap, so it may look outdated soon. You may want to change your worktops very often.

The difficulty of usage: You may not be able to roll or knead dough on these worktops as the offcuts may gather the material between them or cause patterns on your dough.

Despite all the above-mentioned cautions, kitchen worktop offcuts are widely preferred. These must be carefully installed with the aid of some professional. Choosing the right type of material for worktop offcuts is also very important.

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