Everything You Need to Know About the Reblocking Process

Everything You Need to Know About the Reblocking Process

Most of the houses are nowadays being built around wooden stumps which increase the house level and also strengthen the foundation. However, as the wooden stumps get old, they lose their durability, and begin to wither away, thereby causing the house huge damage in case the property collapse. This is why stumps are then replaced and new ones are added.

There are two main processed in which the stumps can be changed- restumping and reblocking. However, in the following content, we will discuss only the reblock process, what does it mean, what happens during reblocking the house, the benefits, etc.

What is reblocking the house?

When the old timber stumps fail to hold the strong foundation, due to one or many reasons, homeowners need to think about replacing them with new ones. Reblocking is the process in which the older wooden stumps are replaced by the new ones. However, these new stumps aren’t made of wood like the previous pieces.

Rather, when you will plan to reblock your house, you need to replace the old stumps using steel or iron rods having the same thickness. In relocking, all the wooden stumps are not replaced. Rather, it is only the worn-out stumps that get replaced by the metallic pillars.

When the reblocking is done?

Even though many house owners now prefer the reblocking process, they aren’t aware of the symptoms which actually lead to the replacement of the timber stumps. So, here are a few reasons that will tell you whether or not to reblock the below stumps.

  • If the floor has a slanting slope with irregularities, you need to reblock the foundation so that the floor’s axes can be set properly and you wouldn’t have to worry about water clogging.
  • If the tile floors are cracking or forming chips from the groove ends, you need to reblock the floor. Tiles usually break when the foundation is not strong and these blocks fail to handle the pressure above. So, if you want the tiles to stay strong, replacing the stumps will be best.
  • Due to poor ventilation, most times, the wooden stumps become moist due to high humidity, which further gives rise to dry rot, and decay. As a result, the foundation will become weak. However, the reblocking process will help you to further strengthen the base and remove the moisture from the sticks.

What factors should one consider when choosing the best contractor for reblocking?

Since now you know the symptoms which describe the situations where you need to look for reblocking, here we will discuss a few ways in which you can hire the best contractor for doing the same work.

  • Experience: always choose the contractor who has gained a lot of experience in the field. He should know how to reblock the house and in what condition to ensure that the foundation becomes strong and the problems wither away.
  • Reputation: the next thing you need to know is the reputation of the contractor. He should have a high reputation and a well-known name so that they can provide the best service.
  • Expertise: the contractor should be an expert in reblocking. This process is very cumbersome and needs a lot of precaution and care. If the contractor is not properly skilled, he wouldn’t be able to do the job perfectly, which will further weaken your foundation.
  • Cost: even though reblocking is a costly process, you will obviously want to save as much money as possible. For this reason, request a quote from the contractor and then check whether the quoted price is at all at par with your budget or not.


Whenever you want to strengthen your foundation or remove the decaying wooden stumps, you need to think about reblocking. With this process, you can even increase the area of the home and extend it to make more rooms then make sure you have to get in touch with reblocking experts

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