The Enjoyment and Thrill of Private Tours in Dubai


While there are many different excursions that one can do on their own, there is an option of doing private tours and excursions. These typically include pick-ups and drop-offs, and a private car with a driver to take you personally to all the amazing activities available. We have compiled a list to help you decide between all the different types of packages and offers.

Full Day Shopping Excursions

This type of package includes going to different malls and the local souks. While going to the malls means the regular branded stores, souks are local markets selling a range of different items, ranging from gold jewelry to silks, to perfume and spices. Typically, these trips last for the whole day and will leave you feeling satisfied due to the comfort afforded by these packages. Food is usually not included in this type of package.

Shore Excursions

These kinds of packages are organized by cruise companies. These trips will cover a range of different tourist sites, and you have the option of choosing what works for you. These are ultra-luxurious trips, which will leave you feeling relaxed, as the trips mostly cover the costs. This will, however, not include entrance fees and food.

Dubai Shows/Concerts/Sports

These kinds of packages can include a range of things, such as dinner and desert excursions to live performances to traditional tea spreads. These packages almost always include food and beverages.

Dubai Helicopter Tour

This is one of the pricier tours that will last not more than half an hour. It will include welcome refreshments on arrival. This is an extra special Dubai tour, where one can enjoy a personalized viewing of the beautiful skyline and some of the best attractions while flying high in the sky. This kind of trip can accommodate families and solo travelers alike.

Desert Sunrise and Spa Excursions

This is a very exclusive package which will ensure that you have the best views and will take you through a host of different experiences. This is an ideal type of package to choose, in case you want complete VIP experience. Food and drinks are included, of course, the spa treatment in a traditional Turkish Hammam experience.

Romantic Excursions

There are many honeymooners and newly wedded couples who visit this magnificent city. Therefore, it is understandable when there will be packages catering specifically to them. While most of these trips include candlelit cruise dinners lasting for a few hours, there are also full-day excursions taking the love birds all across the city to explore the sights and sounds of Dubai.

Arabian Nights Tour

This is a special package for a Dubai private tour and will include dune bashing, watching the sunset, participating in activities such as posing with the majestic falcon or going camel riding. After all the excitement, you can enjoy a delicious dinner and have live performances catering solely to your group. Generally, these tours will have a maximum of 10 people, to ensure the best-personalized experience one can get.

Private Luxury Yacht

Private yacht trips will typically last 2 to 4 hours. This will generally include rooms on the yacht, along with the option of barbecuing your food. Meal is not included in such packages; and you also have an option of requesting the captain of the boat to stop, so that you can enjoy a private swimming session.

These are only a few of the things that you can do when booking private tours in the city. The possibilities are endless, and you can be assured of world class treatment and trip to remember for a lifetime.So go ahead and plan your tour to enjoy maximum.

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