Enjoying London’s Food Scene

Enjoying London’s Food Scene

Around the world, the UK get’s an unfair reputation when it comes to food. Cities like Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Mexico City are held in high regard thanks to their food scene. Unfortunately for London, there is this outdated stereotype about “awful British food”, often made with snark from the other side of the Atlantic, that has been hard to shake off. Thankfully, today’s Londoners themselves know that the city has much more to offer than jellied eels and fish and chips. If you’re a Londoner that’s serious about their food, then our guide is here for you!

A Global Menu

As London is a truly international city, and has been for hundreds of years, the culinary influences on display here wide-ranging and suit every pallet. Britain’s colonial history has brought an of different tastes to the streets of London, some of which are well engrained with the tastes of the country. Indian food is big in London, as is Caribbean, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish cuisine. You can take your taste buds on a round-the-world trip within a few square miles, which can’t be said for a lot of places!

Pay More for Quality

London is known as an expensive city, and the cost of eating in certain places can vary wildly. As people come from all over the world to visit here, it generally drives the prices up as restaurants can get away with charging a tourist premium. You shouldn’t feel like your getting ripped off, however. A number of world-class chefs work out of London and the city holds some 67 eateries that hold Michelin Stars. There might be the odd opportunity where a menu will surprise you, but with so much quality around, it is worth the extra cost.

Know Your Neighbourhoods!

As any Londoner worth their salt will tell you, London is defined by its individual neighbourhoods that each hold a distinct feel and character. Whether it is trendy Holburn or upper-class Knightsbridge, you will find a local food scene in each part of the city. Don’t let the variety put you off. Heading to a central area like Covent Garden reveals a broad range of high-quality restaurants all within walking distance and in beautiful surroundings.

Food for Every Occasion

It’s easy to get bogged down in the idea that to experience the food of a city, you must make a reservation in it’s finest restaurant. Remember that only a fraction of the local population will eat this way, so keep an open mind for where you can try street food on the go. At the top of today’s article, we called out Mexico City as being a global leader in its food scene. Some of the most popular food there comes from street vendors and outdoor cafes on the cheap. The same can be said for London to a certain extent. Chicken shop blogger The Chicken Connoisseur is a testament to how flavour has the potential to be found on any corner of the city.

Listen to the Experts

The article we have produced for you today is a very high view of what you can expect from a London dining experience. There are places online that can give you even better information across the full city. If you want to work your way around the city’s food scene, be sure to link up with some of the active food blogs that are run by similarly minded writers based across London. Their insights and thoughts will go a long way to helping you unlock the food capital of the UK! We hope you can use our insights to expand your horizons with food in London.

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