Enjoying a Festive Trip to Cambridge this Winter

Enjoying a Festive Trip to Cambridge this Winter

While a lot of people can’t wait for Christmas, it is common for many of us to dread the holiday season. It’s easy to see why as once you combine the expense of organising gifts and meals with the need to see relatives and the expectation that you “must have a good time”, there are a lot of different stress factors at play. Whether it’s before the holidays or after, a lot of people opt to take a short break to extricate themselves briefly from the madness. There are a lot of places in the UK that make for an ideal Christmas break, but few offer a diversity of experiences better than Cambridge.

A Quieter Time of Year

Many UK towns and cities become a little busier with the festive season, and Cambridge is no different. You might find that a university town such as Cambridge balances itself out as the student population moves home for the holidays. There is still plenty happening, but at the end of the semester, the locals enjoy a mini exodus as legions of students head home to celebrate Christmas. This can make the town a little more enjoyable to explore than other times of the year.

Christmas at Your Own Pace

A look online will reveal that there is a broad range of activities and events taking place across the town throughout December. Cambridge is a diverse town that knows it can cater to several different audiences simultaneously. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like the stress of busy streets and lots of people at Christmas, then something like the Histon Handmade Christmas event for homemade goods in a market setting. The full list of what’s on shows you there’s something for everyone.

Taking in Culture

No trip to a pretty and historic town like Cambridge would be complete without visiting one of the many museums and galleries. While the doors are closed on Christmas Day, across December, you’ll find that there is lots to see. A look at the list of museums on offer in Cambridge reveals everything from the Cambridge Museum of Technology to the Cambridge and County Folk Museum to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. If you want to lose yourself in the knowledge of an area, Cambridge truly leaves you spoilt for choice!

Festive Food

Christmas is the time of year for wining and dining. Preparing your own Christmas turkey can come with a certain degree of stress, depending on how experienced you are in the kitchen. With a weekend away, you can leave the cooking to the professionals as there is a great range of restaurants on offer across the town. If you want to get away from the hecticness of the season, the Cambridge Hotel du Vin offers an unbeatable private dining experience. It’s the perfect way to enjoy great food without the Christmas crowds.

Taking in Fresh Air

It could be argued that some of the stress of Christmas can stem from the claustrophobia of being in the house with lots of guests and no room for yourself. While this last point is very much dependant on the Great British Weather, Cambridge is set in a beautiful area of countryside that lends itself well to outdoor walking and blowing the cobwebs off. If you get the chance to leave the town, you can lose yourself in the hills around the Coton Country Reserve or Stourbridge Common. Just remember the daylight hours are short, so plan ahead!

Getting away from it all at Christmas is something a lot of us secretly desire to do. If you want to visit a town in the UK that offers something truly unique to its visitors, why not consider Cambridge?

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