The Emerald Gemstone and Its Incomparable Virtues


Emerald is one of the three main gemstones in the world. The other two being rubies and sapphires. The gorgeous color of emerald is normally associated with royalty. The stunning green of the emerald gemstone blends well gold or silver and makes the piece look rich.

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. This gemstone has so many properties that it is considered as the gemstone for Planet Mercury.

Just like all other gemstones have benefits, emerald is also rich in virtues. Listed here are some of the emerald or panna stone benefits.

  1. You will find that on wearing this gemstone your intellect will increase. You will grasp better the understandings of the world and all the subjects around. An emerald ring is one of the best ways of getting the benefits of this wonder gemstone.
  2. Creative people are most benefited from the emerald gemstone. It helps to increase talents and creativity. Most people in the creative field do sport an emerald ring to help them better their prospects.
  3. If you are into the field of communication then the emerald gemstone will prove to be highly beneficial to you. The gemstone is known to build confidence in a person and the ability to communicate lucidly increases. Being able to speak well and with confidence is not something that all can do easily, so having the emerald with you will create in you that self-belief.
  4. Emerald can be used to cure certain allergies and also respiratory problems. Any kind of speech difficulties and nervous problems can be helped with the use of the gemstone. Many nervous disorders can be checked out with the emerald gemstone as it has the mercurial properties in it.
  5. Calm yourself and increase your concentration level with the help of natural emerald stones. Trying to feel at ease in this busy world is very difficult. With all the tensions at work, we tend to feel burdened and then cannot do our job properly. The use of emerald in calming a person has been seen to work.
  6. If you are looking for fame and increase in fortune then wearing an emerald will help you achieve that. The notion of fame and money is something that many people crave but are not sure how to do it. Luck plays an important role. You can carry an emerald for that luck factor.
  7. You will also find that the emerald gemstone helps you to stabilize yourself under emotionalstress. If you have recently gone through tough times like being cheated or betrayed, then you will surely be under tremendous amount of emotional instability. The emerald gemstone is said to have the power to remove this instability and bring you out of it.
  8. As said before emeralds are known for their royal look. The great virtue of emerald as an antidote to poison was used by the royals in the old days. They would drink wine, etc from the goblets made of emerald. The properties of emerald were thought to remove any kind of poison from their body and keep them safe.
  9. Know someone who has a stammer or is just plain shy in public? Then gift them an emerald as this will help to reduce the stammer and also build their confidence. The interaction level will greatly increase with the use of emerald.

The emerald gemstone with its brilliant hue is perfect for all people. This gorgeous pure gemstone is of high clarity and has an exceptional deep color. The luster and inner glow of the gemstone is what attracts people to it. But Fine quality emerald or panna stone price escalates rapidly with size.

So get yourself an emerald stone and see the difference it brings in your life. Find creativity and confidence with the help of the stone.

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