Easy Tips to Troubleshoot 0x00000116 Windows Error

At some point, you may encounter a situation where your computer keeps crashing and displaying a blue screen with the error message appearing on the monitor. If you are using a Windows 7 operating system and have recently upgraded any of your major drivers, there is a possibility that your computer is undergoing as Stop: 0x00000116 error. For some individuals, resolving the error can be as easy as turning a computer on but for the majority of the users, it could be something too technical and very difficult to understand. Whether you are a computer expert or a novice, knowing more about the error and when to call a technical support is very important.

How to Fix Stop: 0x00000116 Error?

Resolving the matter is very important as it can affect the entire health of your computer. Although, the error arises from various causes, the manner how it gets fixed is almost the same, whether done manually or automatically.

If you carry fair knowledge about computer operating systems and how to deal with them, then fixing the 'stop error’ by yourself can be easy. Here are the suggested steps on how to troubleshoot the error manually:

1. Check the possible causes

Most Windows operating system errors are caused by video driver updates, but other factors may also lead to the error. It is important for you to determine the cause of the error before you take any step.

Check the antivirus program installed on the computer to make sure that a virus or malware is not causing the error. In various cases, viruses and malware were found to be the root of the error.

Make sure that your drivers get updated properly and completely to rule out the presumption that the error is caused by a driver update.

Also, check the ATI graphics driver and make sure that it remains updated. An outdated ATI graphics driver often causes Windows operating system errors.

2. Restore the computer

Restoring the computer to an earlier time helps you fix the error. To restore, you need to log in as an administrator after restarting the computer. On the start button, click on the “All programs” tab. Select “Accessories” then click on “System tools.” You will now find a tab that says “System restore.” A new window will appear after you click on “System restore.” Click on the “Restore my computer to an earlier time” tab and then click the “Next” tab. Afterward, you must select the most recent system restore point and click “Next.” A confirmation window will then appear to finish the system restore operation.

3. Restart the computer

After the restoration process, you must restart your computer for the restoration to be completed.

For automatic management, you can download the repair utility and install the program. A scan will be conducted after installation, and you will have to restart your computer to resolve the error.

Calling for PC Help

If you are confused on how to fix the error or if you have doubts about whether you are doing it right, calling for tech support is the best option. The technical support team can help you solve the problem in no time without making things worse and risking your computer’s well-being. Here are some benefits of calling for PC help:

1. Direct instructions from experts

Experts in Windows operating systems know how to communicate with individuals from all walks of life without using highly technical terms in resolving any computer error. Not only they will help you solve the problem but you can also learn a lot from their instructions.

2. Complex problems get simple

If the troubleshooting suggestions do not work, you may be experiencing a more complicated computer error. Hence, you need to call tech support professional from a good technical team to make the complex problem simpler.

3. Quicker and more efficient solutions

You can also benefit from quicker and more effective solutions when you seek support from professionals. You can solve the matter without compromising work and other important things that you do on your computer. If you think about it, hours can be wasted while you are trying to fix the error on your own.


Computer errors can be resolved as long as you take the first step. If you can do it yourself, there’s no problem but if you are not confident enough, calling for tech support should be the first step you take. Apart from these, you must perform regular computer maintenance to ensure that all the software and hardware components remain updated and keep performing well to let you avail the best computing experience.

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