Easy DIY Methods to Remove Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can be an expensive hassle to clean as it doesn't happen suddenly, piles and piles of junk accumulating in your pipes can cause such disasters. While you are neglecting comprehensive removal  and only cleaning the surface of the drains most of the clogging materials would  seep-in  through the system and  block the drainage passage altogether. Suddenly one day you will find that not a single drop of water is passing through the system, and in such emergencies, you have to opt for quick solutions. Instead of hiring expensive plumbers and using harmful harsh chemical elements you can utilize useful DIY methods to clear your drainage system efficiently.

Here are some of the most used DIY methods for clearing blocked drains

  1. Vinegar with Baking Soda: Vinegar and baking soda are extremely common ingredients in your pantry, these essential elements are found in every pantry in almost all countries all over the world. You can mix one-third cup of baking soda with one-third cup of vinegar, and without wasting any time just pour the mixture down the blocked drains. The fizz created by this mixture causes the gunk of hair and grime to loosen up, after letting it sit for a few hours you have to pour hot water down the drain which will flush out the gunk.
  1. Wire Hanger: Have you ever thought a wire Hanger can be this useful, the hook on the top can be used for several important purposes s and unclogging drains is one of them. If you straighten the whole wire and then put the hook through the clogged drain's mouth you will be able to pull out the gunk through it. After that, you can rinse the drain with some hot water, or if you have PVC pipes installed use some baking powder and normal water instead.
  1. Dry and Wet Vacuum: A dry and wet vacuum can be a useful tool to unclog blocked drains. Normal vacuums won't work and the ones which have liquid cleaning function will only work here. You first have to cover up the vent of your vacuum cleaner with a thick gauze or cloth, and then seal the mouth of the drain, after this start vacuuming. With this process, you can suck out the gunk and clear the clog, after vacuuming decide to open the seal and clean the drain.
  1. Salt and baking soda: This DIY can be done easily, pour half a cup of baking soda mixed with half a cup of salt down your blocked drains and leave the mixture as it is for a while. After sometime pour boiling water down the drain, this combination will create a strong chemical reaction which can drive away a lot of the gunk. But try to avoid this method if PVC pipes are installed.
  1. Plumber: This may come as a surprise to you, whether a plumber is generally utilized to unclog bathroom drains. But if you search carefully you will be able to find plumbers that have experience in this particular field, with the help of these plumbers you can unclog blocked drains in kitchens or other drainage systems around the house easily.
  1. Detergent or soap: Lastly, if you don't have any of these household items you can just use detergent powder or liquid soap. Pour any of one of these two and follow it with hot water. This may not clear out the entire gunk but can get rid of a part of it for the time being.

Drain clogging is an inevitable one and it will happen to you at some point in time. So to avoid it you have to be prepared with some of these materials, and if possible try to maintain your drainage system, clean it from time to time. Clear out hair, grime or any other materials that can potentially block the drains. Pour warm or hot water from time to time to avoid emergencies or always prefer to take the help of professionals for the blocked drains of your property.

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