Diverse Varieties of Wardrobes Cabinets Based on Designs and Materials

wardrobes cabinets

A wardrobe is a furniture piece that is specifically used for storing garments. There are different kinds of materials that can be used for manufacturing wardrobes cabinets. Veneer, PVC, and painted or laminated wooden boards are the cheapest options for making all types of affordable wardrobes. The uses of colored or opaque glass or a mirror on the front side are quite popular, though expensive as well. 

Nowadays, furniture manufacturing companies have introduced wardrobes of many attractive plus suitable designs. Thus, homeowners can get numerous options while buying the wardrobes cabinets of their choice from the market. 

Popular Designs of Wardrobes Cabinets Available in the Market:

  1. Walk-in wardrobe – It is a huge wardrobe where users may also change dresses, apart from storing all their belongings. It requires a very large-sized bedroom that can be seen only in bungalows. It provides more privacy to owners while changing clothes and prevents any clutter in the bedroom.
  2. Wall cabinets – This type of wardrobe is enclosed by solid walls on all sides and provided with swing door panels. These wardrobes cabinets usually contain a metal barbell for hanging clothes, series of drawers and shelves for storing many other important items. There may also be one or multiple large mirrors fixed on the door panels. Additional features, like a holder for keeping ties, hanger for storing belts, and distinct space for placing shoes may be present as well.
  3. Closet compartments – It is more convenient to design large wardrobes cabinets with numbers of closed chambers for storage. The sliding doors are provided to each compartment of a wardrobe, to leave more free space in a room. However, all these compartments are included within a single structure, with a common back wall. Moreover, the same top and bottom panels extend on both sides of all compartments of this wardrobe. Thus, no compartment or storage feature is left in a floating state that could detach easily.
  4. Inbuilt closet – A large wardrobe can be treated as a miniature of a dressing room, by placing niches and shelves in a unique design. Various types of storage features are inbuilt in this type of wardrobe, with the help of simple partitions at particular positions inside the entire closet space. The users can store all their attires, accessories, and other costly belongings systematically in various parts of this wardrobe, which is more effective in huge rooms. 
  5. Hinged door – The hinged door is also termed as swing door, where the door panels swing open with the help of metal hinges. A hinge joins a door panel to the main body of the wardrobe and should open or close easily. There are different types of hinges used for wardrobes cabinets of various designs, among which L-shaped, triangular and pentagonal hinges are widely preferred. These wardrobes are cheaper and easily movable to any suitable space. However, only large rooms can accommodate such wardrobes, as hinged doors need more space for opening conveniently.
  6. Sliding doors – Usually, the sliding doors of wardrobes glide smoothly over the door frames to open or close whenever needed. Thus, no extra space is needed for opening such door and this type of wardrobe can be easily fitted even in lesser space. These wardrobes cabinets sport a more elegant look and usually rest against only one wall of medium length. However, these wardrobes are more expensive than the ones with hinged doors and the channels installed for sliding door panels may not function smoothly after some years. 

Sometimes, drawers of various sizes are also added to some wardrobes cabinets, where the owners can store different kinds of belongings. Generally placed in the bedroom or dressing room of a house, some people tend to have wardrobes in the living room or passageway, due to lack of space in the bedroom. In any manner, wardrobes are not only essential but also add to the décor of the household as well.

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