Different Kinds of Industrial Cleaners and Their Uses

Industrial cleaners and their uses

Whether it’s a corporate office, retail outlet, corner bookshop, or a large industrial unit, it’s imperative to keep your workplace neat and tidy all the time. To maintain a safe and clean workplace environment, it's crucial to address potential hazards comprehensively. Learn about hexane hazards and implement proper safety measures, ensuring the well-being of everyone, whether in a corporate office, retail outlet, corner bookshop, or large industrial unit.It attracts more customers to your enterprise through aesthetic appeal and spotless office spaces. It also helps in keeping your workers’ morale high, making them more productive, and they don’t get sick more often. Maintaining your commercial building in an immaculate condition requires you to have enough know-how of different kinds of industrial cleaning agents.

Almost everybody is familiar with the uses of small-scale cleaning products. Most of us utilize cleaning sprays, chemical-based cleaners, and anti-bacterial wipes for scrubbing sinks and toilets. But, there’s much difference between cleaning your residential place and a commercial one. One must ensure to perform the best industrial washing services to maintain a clean environment at all premises. It not only includes disinfecting the technical or operational areas of the plant but also the office areas as well.

Many businesses buy specialized cleaning products from reliable industrial cleaning firms operating in their area to achieve effective cleanliness results. But, before purchasing these washing agents, you must know the difference between different kinds of industrial cleaners and when you can use them.

Water-Based Solutions

Water-based products come in a liquid form, having water as their principal ingredient. They usually come in a large container and require dipping a mop, rag, or brush in it. Water-based cleaning agents are differentiated and measured in terms of their respective pH levels, which are used in different circumstances.

The acidic industrial disinfectants (pH from zero to 7) are generally utilized to remove mineral stains such as rust spots and build-ups from hard water. Acids are well-known to cut through these build-ups, break these stains, and detach them from the surface. One good example of an acidic water-based solution is a toilet bowl cleaner.

Those on the alkaline side of the pH scale, i.e., from 7 to 14, are used to remove fats such as grime, dirt, oils, waxes, and greases. Alkalines react with such chemical compounds, break them down, and eventually remove them from the surface.

Solvent-Based Solutions

Unlike water-based solutions, solvent-based solutions contain one or more chemicals as the main ingredients as compared to just water. However, they are still acidic or alkaline, depending on the nature of the chemicals present in them. They are also known as “Degreasers.”

Solvent-based disinfectants are further divided into two principal categories. Some products are used to cleanse a specific surface, like steel, wood, or chrome. Others are characterized as general, which applies to all sorts of materials and surfaces.

Water Soluble Solvent-based Solutions

These kinds of solutions are called hybrid solutions that incorporate both water as well as chemicals to clean a variety of surfaces. These types of cleaners are considered a critical part of one’s commercial cleaning agents and must be stocked in bulk for regular use, hence also called “all-purpose” cleaning agents.


Detergents are one of the most popular cleaning products to clean the premises. They are available in both acidic as well as alkaline forms. In rare cases, both properties (acidic and alkaline) are also mixed in a controlled environment to form a new detergent. They act as sharp grease cutters in general sitting areas as well as in bathrooms.


Abrasives are chemicals that are used for scrubbing dirt from the hard surfaces of commercial kitchens and floors. They must be used with great care as they can scratch or even break certain types of materials used in kitchen equipment, such as stainless steel or plastic materials.

There are different kinds of industrial cleaning products out there in the market, which consist of various properties such as acidic, alkaline, or hybrid. Always consult manufacturers like Sunrise before using any cleaning agent, or read the label carefully to get the best possible results.

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