Different Authentication Methods To Improve Security

Web authentication

We often hear the news of data breach. It has become very common these days. With the advancement of several types of technologies, it has become easy for cyber attackers to hack and steal users’ account.

In order to keep users account safe from any external attack, enterprises are also implementing several types of technologies and solutions. Authentication is one such solution. It is a process of provisioning something to be real and true. In the context of the computer world, it is the process of validating a user’s identity who he claims to be.

The single-factor authentication is the most common way of authentication on a website. In this method, users have to encounter with their usual credentials (username and password). By entering credentials they can get access to resources belong to them.

Although the approach permits only the validate user to access accounts but in the present scenario, unfortunately, it is not as secure as it was. Cracking a password is not very difficult. There are several methods through which hackers can hack accounts.

So, to overcome the issue, two-factor authentication came into the role. Let’s understand the concept with an example. Which one is more secure, a door with a single lock or a door with two separate locks? Definitely, the door with two different locks.

The burglars have to work harder to break double locked door in comparison to the single one. This is the same concept of two-factor authentication. In this method, there are two different factors that users have to encounter with. The first is normal username and password. The second factor is something you have or something you are.

By something you have I mean, phone, email etc. where users get an authentication code that they need to enter to get final permission to access a service. Something you are:  includes users’ fingerprint, retinal scanning, voice etc.

The solution is fruitful in keeping users private accounts and data safe. It is highly secure but there are many sectors and industries (banks, finance services, insurance services etc.) where money is involved that need more security.

IT researchers add more layers of protection in order to secure accounts of users related to such industries and they termed the solution as multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication is a method that is one step ahead of two-factor authentication. In this method, there are more than two different factors and users have to face multiple checkpoints to prove their identities.

The method is a little time consuming but from the security point of view, it is the most reliable and safe method out of all methods mentioned in the article.

Social login: Login to a website using social media platform is an interesting way. Social login is a platform that allows users to access an internet service using their accounts they already have on different social media platforms. With just a single click of the mouse, a user can authenticate himself to an online service.The approach saves users time and it also saves him from creating new sets of credentials.

Single sign-on: Let’s suppose you have an online business with multiple websites. Your users have to create accounts on each of your websites to complete a task. A very complex and frustrating process. In addition, they not only need to create new credentials but also have to remember them. The single sign-on process is an effective solution here.

The method allows users to access all the web services falling under the roof of the solution using only one set of credentials. They have to enter the username and password only once to access all the services. The solution makes the whole authentication process simple and quick.

These are some of the authentication methods that keep users data secure.


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