Dashlane: What You Should Know About the Security of Your Password Manager?

Dashlane is the one of the easiest ways to secure all the passwords of your online accounts. When it comes to Internet security, it is better not to take any chance. For enhancing online protection and virtual security, it is important to keep your online accounts safe and protected from being hacked. It is possible only when the passwords of your online accounts are strong and difficult-to-crack.

The Benefits of Using a Password Manager

Creating and memorizing strong and long passwords for multiple accounts is a difficult task. First of all, you need to know what a strong password is all about. Usually, a password with 16 characters (a combination of alphabets, numerical and symbols) is a strong password. Creating multiple such passcodes is a time-consuming process. Even if you successfully do that, but yet memorizing such passcodes will be a great challenge. Moreover, security experts even suggest that one should keep changing their passcodes after every three to four months to enjoy better online protection. That means the effort of creating and memorizing complex and long passcodes is not a one time job. You have to recreate these passcodes again and again after every three months, and then again you have to memorize them.

Doing all these is not possible without the help of a password management tool. These days, password managers are essential for creating and managing the passcodes, especially when users have multiple online accounts.

The technology of a password management tool is simple. It is a software program that creates and stores the passcodes in its database. The user gets a master password, and he needs to remember it properly. Whenever the user needs to log into any website, then instead of typing the login credentials for that website, the user just needs to type the master password. The password manager will automatically extract the login credentials for that particular website. Thus, the whole process becomes very simple and easy for the users because they just need to remember the master password.

User’s Security Concern

There is no denial that a password manager like Dashlane is a very convenient and handy tool to manage passwords and also to enhance Internet security. But, many users hold doubt that their passcodes may become accessible to Dashlane’s employee. They also fear about the hacking of their passcodes, in case the Dashlane’s server gets hacked.

For clearing all such doubts, you can read the following section that describes the security arrangements of Dashlane. It shows up the security and safety features of this software. 

No one can see your passwords: The data in the Dashlane database can’t be seen by anyone because it gets stored in an encrypted format that includes indecipherable string of random numbers, letters, and symbols. The only way to access these data is to use the master password, which is available only to the user.

Master Password doesn't get stored anywhere: As mentioned above, the master password in the only way to access the database. That is why the master password doesn’t get stored anywhere, neither locally nor get transmitted. The user is the sole knower of the master password.

Passwords are safe, even if this password manager gets hacked: Amazon AWS host this password management tool.  Amazon AWS is one of the most respected and secured servers in the industry. Thus, the server is under 24-7-365 monitoring, and the software is frequently audited to keep a check on the security so that no one can hack it. Thus, it is a very unlikely case that Dashlane’s system can get hacked. However, even in the rarest possibility, if it happens, then also the stored passwords will remain safe because these passcodes gets encrypted by strongest encryption in the industry – AES 256. Without the master password, no one can access them.


A user, who owns multiple online accounts, will certainly feel good about using a password manager because this easy to use and a simple tool will make password management very convenient. You have read above that the tool is completely secured to use because of its AES 256 encryption and master password. Moreover, once you start using this tool, you can be assured that you are using strong and difficult-to-crack passcodes for your online accounts.  

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