Customised Holiday Packages For Abu Dhabi

Yas Island has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. There are a number of things you can do at Yas Island depending on what you like. If you’re planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, you should consider spending some quality time at Yas Island. This island has a lot to offer and you can choose amongst various activities and things to do here. This city is famous for the theme parks Abu Dhabi has to offer. When visiting, try to make the most of these theme parks.

One of the most popular theme parks at Yas Island is Yas Waterworld. This theme park is a water park that comprises of over 43 attractions. It’s a great place to beat the summer heat and stay cool in Abu Dhabi. Yas Waterworld has a number of entertaining activities which manage to keep people of all age groups going. This place is ideal for families, friends and even solo travellers. If you’re a female solo traveller, then you can take advantage of the ladies night at Yas Waterworld. This event is held every week of the night and is exclusive to women. Men are strictly prohibited and all the staff here is females. It makes it safe for women and they can enjoy themselves to the fullest without prying eyes or a feeling of being constantly watched over.

Apart from Yas Waterworld, another popular theme park is Ferrari world. This park is an indoor theme park which ensures visitors can stay cool even in the harsh summer sun. Ferrari world is the largest indoor theme park in the world and comprises of over 20 rides that are sure to give you goose bumps. It’s famous for the fastest rollercoaster ride. This is a must do when you visit Ferrari World.

If you’re planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, make sure you visit Yas Island. This is an ideal family holiday destination. It is also great for friends and solo travellers. Yas Island is a popular wedding destination too. There are a number of luxurious hotels that provide amazing holiday packages based on your requirement.

To make the best out of your stay here, you need to find a good hotel. Always look for one that’s located in Yas Island or at least near it. This helps you save time travelling and helps you make the most out of your trip here. Yas Island too has some great hotels that are strategically located and have direct access to some of the main attractions at Yas Island.

You can check out the various hotels online and book one that meets your needs perfectly. Some hotels help in customizing your travel holiday packages. This enables you to do just what you want here without putting in the efforts of carrying out the plan yourself. This is an ideal option since you won’t need to worry about anything. Travelling to Abu Dhabi is easy since the frequency of flights is good.

Inspired by the culture and values of Abu Dhabi combined with cutting edge innovation and luxury features, Yas Marina Circuit has a selection of riveting experiences on offer for all tastes and pockets.

Experience the raw exhilaration in one of our high performance cars, dare to take the wheel in your own hands, bring your own car to the track or take a seat next to a professional instructor.

Get revved up at the Kartzone or get fit and push your body’s limits with a run or cycle on the track.  Go behind the scenes on a Yas Marina Circuit Venue Tour, access areas usually reserved for F1 race teams. From a 15 minute Kart session to a full track day, you can tailor your experience to suit.

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