Croatia Lets You Realize Your Deepest-Rooted Mediterranean Dreams

Croatia lets you realize your deepest-rooted Mediterranean dreams

Over the past half century, Mediterranean tourism seems to have grown stagnant: tourists and tourism companies alike have run out of ideas and the luster is beginning to wear from the aging resorts of Mediterranean island destinations including those of Spain, Italy and Greece. The need for a newer far-flung paradise has been answered definitively.

Croatia, with over 1,000 islands stippled into the Adriatic Sea, and a rugged rocky coastline that protects some of Europe’s finest old cities, is putting the panache back into the idea of Mediterranean getaways. Summertime is at its most pure in sunny Croatia, finally getting the recognition it deserves for being one of the most beautiful places on earth. People arrive with dreamy ideas of spending 12 hours a day on the pearly white beaches only to be enticed inland where, among towering green mountains, they will find unspoilt nature parks such as Plitvice and Krka. You can design your vacation here: the northern region of Istria offers all the tourist infrastructure of its more famous neighbors; and to the south, the Dalmatian coastline attracts a more independent type of adventurer.

Croatia, long neglected, is experiencing a modern revival thanks to its unique blend of reliably hot weather, fine beaches, and its ease of access from Europe’s major urban centers. Perhaps what attracts people most about Croatia is that, despite having all this natural majesty and historical legacy to boast of, it is humble and inviting.

Croatia is the land of a thousand islands

The coastal parts of the country are undoubtedly the main attraction and rightly so: you could spend a lifetime immersing yourself in Croatia’s coastline. Accordingly, no one would blame you if you chose to spend the rest of your life among the glittering isles and deep blue waters; furthermore, with some of the lower prices in Europe, it is a great time to look at Croatia property for sale and actually consider fulfilling this dream. Croats know that, while their coastline is endlessly rewarding, its architectural contribution to world heritage is also unquestionable.

Remember your favorite scenes from Game of Thrones? Chances are they were filmed on location in Croatia; places like Dubrovnik and Split provide the backdrop for some of the series’ most memorable scenes. Among the country’s finest buildings are the Pula Arena, a splendidly-preserved 1st-century Roman amphitheater; and the massive Diocletian’s Palace in Split, which covers more than half of the city’s old town.

The essence of the coastal town of Dubrovnik is best experienced from high above on Mount Srd, where you can see the crystal blue waters lapping against the walls of the city’s old town. This is truly a dynamic tourist destination; it is a place where you can combine your relaxation-seeking, romantic side with your thirst for cultural and historical exploration. If you have been hearing murmurs of Croatia calling your name, it is time to answer and find out why Croatia is now firmly established on the map of the world’s finest tourist destinations for many people these days.

Croatia is becoming more and more popular each year. Many known celebrities visit it every year and speak the highest of praises about this little but extremely beautiful country. With each visit tourists and visitors get mesmerized by everything the country can offer to you and it is truly heaven on earth. Visiting Croatia should be on everybody's list of places to visit as it is a truly unique and special place in the world, everyone can find himself here and enjoy life to the maximum.

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