Concerned About DVT? Read This

Concerned About DVT?

It’s no secret that we live in a world that is way more sedentary than it used to be. Sitting for so long, whether at a desk or traveling, has put us in a prime position to be a little worried about deep vein thrombosis, also known as DVT. DVT occurs when a blood clot develops in your vein. Even if you hadn’t really heard of DVT, you’ve most certainly heard of a blood clot, and therein lies why concern over this condition tends to be high.

More often than not, the blood clot in question forms in your legs. Sometimes you’ll exhibit no symptoms, you’ll start to feel pain and see swelling. The human body in beautifully designed in such a way as to let you know when something isn’t quite right. Pain & swelling is no exception. Other symptoms you may see are redness in the affected leg, and the leg also feels warm to the touch. Pinpointing when DVT will show up is hard, though there are times when it tends to be more common. As mentioned before, sitting or remaining still for a long time can be a culprit. If you happen to be recovering from surgery, one of the main reasons you’re physically moved around every few hours is to help avoid the development of DVT.

The biggest concern with DVT is if the blood clot becomes loose in your bloodstream. One of the most dangerous places it can lodge itself is in your lungs, creating a condition called a pulmonary embolism. Symptoms for a pulmonary embolism are a bit easier to notice than just DVT, and they include shortness of breath, dizziness, or in extreme cases, producing blood when coughing.

Concern over DVT is definitely justified, though it may make more sense to at least be more informed about what exactly causes DVT. Obviously, the more you know about something, the better you’re able to try and avoid dealing with the issue in the first place. Usually, any injury or pressure being made to your veins and circulatory system as a whole can be a factor. As mentioned before, a sedentary lifestyle or spending too much time in one position doesn’t help. Also, run-of-the-mill conditions such as pregnancy and age can increase your risk for DVT. Doctors are also quick to note that if you have a family history of DVT or circulation issues, you are at greater risk.

As is the case with a number of medical conditions on the rise, changes to your lifestyle can really be a big help in trying to prevent DVT and pulmonary embolisms. For starters, lose weight. Obesity is the root cause of so much of the medical crisis in the United States, and it’s also preventable. This is frustrating for medical professionals, so try to be on the right side of things. If you way too much, start to get active, eat better, and consult your doctor about a plan to help you shed excess weight. Also, stop smoking. It’s perhaps the number one habit you’re told to get rid of to help prevent scores of medical ailments, so take steps to kick it to the curb. Finally, even if you’re in good health, just get exercise & keep your body moving.

DVT can be a cause of concern simply because you’re dealing with blood clots, and in the right instance, a blood clot can prove to be detrimental to your health, if not fatal. However, it’s important to remember that there are a number of preventative measures you can take to help stave off DVT, and as always, maintain an open dialogue with your physician about any symptoms of DVT you believe you’re exhibiting.

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