Computer Support Tips to Resolve the Windows Error 0x80070570

Windows errors are very common, and these are identifiable by error codes. While tech support specialists use these codes to identify the cause of the errors, but for an average computer user, these error codes are nothing more than a series of cryptic numbers. But if you are willing to learn the troubleshooting steps of this error to fix it on your own, then it is essential to understand the error and its causes. On this note, this article describes the error and its troubleshooting steps.

When you receive this error code as a pop-up message on your computer, it is essential to resolve the error and eliminate its causes as soon as possible. Otherwise, the error can lead to other types of adverse effects. The efficiency of your computer may get worse and results in consequences like sudden locking of the computer, freezing of software programs, Windows crashes, etc.

Causes of Error Code

•    Microsoft updates: If the error is popping up on your computer, then one of the causes could be that you have set up your Windows Update to receive automatic updates. You may also get the error while trying to run Windows Updates to install the updates manually.

•    Corrupted files: Another possible reason for the error 0x80070570 could be an infected and corrupted file. Various types of corrupted files can be the cause of this error. A file can get corrupted because of many reasons. Usually, the inappropriate deletion of essential files creates corrupted files. Once a file gets corrupted, Windows can’t read those files and as a result, it creates the error 0x80070570 when you attempt to move those corrupted files into a different folder.

•    Wrong Installation: If you use the wrong installation hard disk or media, then also this error may occur. Missing drivers can also be one of the possible reasons behind this error. 

•    OS Upgrade: Sometimes the error pops up when you attempt to upgrade your operating system without having proper permissions.

•    Virus Infection: The virus could be a possible reason as well. Many Windows errors occur because of viruses, and this error is no exception.

How to Prevent this Error?

Troubleshooting Method One – Clean the Registry Error

Troubleshooting the error includes advanced technical knowledge about computers. For instance, the troubleshooting involves cleaning of Windows Registry. A single mistake in handling the registry can lead to the deletion or modification of essential registry keys.

It is recommended to average computer users that they should get their registry cleaned online by professional tech support engineers. However, these days automated registry cleaners are also available. You can also use the automated registry cleaner. However, if the tool doesn’t offer the right results, then you would require contacting a professional computer support engineer, who can closely and manually check the issue in the Registry and get it corrected.

Troubleshooting Method Two – Run an Antivirus Program

As mentioned above viruses or malware can also be one of the causes of the error. So, it is essential to make your computer free of viruses and malware. For that, you need to make sure that your antivirus program is updated. Then you should perform a complete system scan to detect and delete the active viruses on your PC. Removal of viruses will not just repair the error, but also resolve many other computer problems.

Troubleshooting Method Three – Use the Repair Tool for This Error

There are also other repair tools available for resolving this error, but it is complicated to find out which repair tool one should use. You will also find fake repair tools available online that disguise themselves as a genuine tool but after downloading them, you may end up downloading viruses. Experts advise using the Microsoft hotfix for this particular error. Otherwise, dial to an online computer repair service provider and connect to an experienced tech support engineer. These computer support solution engineers know very well about the repair tools. Thus, they can get the right tool installed on your PC and resolve the error.


The best way to fix the 0x80070570 error is to clean the Windows Registry. Apart from that keeping the computer free of viruses and malware is also very important. You can also make use of the error repair tool. However, performing these steps require advanced computer knowledge. If you don't know much about Windows Registry, repair tools, etc., then go for online computer support and get the error resolved by professionals. 

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