Computer Support to Fix Windows Error ‘The Requested Operation Requires Elevation’

If you use the ipconfig command line utility to perform different TCP/IP functions, then you must be aware of the error “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation.” In Windows Vista and Windows 7, this error might pop up while you try to perform certain functions without having the valid permissions. Even while trying to run ipconfig commands, you might get the error if you don’t possess the Windows permission to run those commands. In this article, you will read more about this error in regards to the technical support. You will also learn the computer support troubleshooting tips to get rid of this error.

Why the Error Occurs?

Before you learn the online tech support troubleshooting tips, it’s imperative for you to understand why the error occurs. Windows 7 and Windows Vista have many useful features. UAC is one such feature that tightened the security for the Windows users. The dedicated Super Administer hidden account and User Account Control (UAC) are two such useful features that make the Windows a safer place to work. 

With the coming of the Super Administrator hidden account, the Windows 7/Vista nullifies the concept of normal administrative accounts. Thus, Windows Vista/7 got only one Super Administrator account and rest all are normal user accounts. The feature is good from system’s security perspective because from a normal user account, one can’t perform those tasks that can be harmful to the stability of the system. It simply means that if you are using the normal account, then you won’t be able to perform certain tasks that are feasible only through administrative rights.

Using the ipconfig command line utility is one such function for which you require administrative privileges. If the account you are logged in doesn’t have the administrative rights, then you won’t be able to run the command and will get restricted by the error message “The requested operation requires elevation.”

This error message is to remind you that Windows is not accepting you as an authorized user to run the requested operation.

Online Tech Support Troubleshooting Tips

So, if you are stuck with this error, then here are four computer support troubleshooting tips to deal with the error

Technical Support Tip#1: Run as Administrator

'Run as Administrator' is the simplest method of dealing with the error. You need administrative rights to run the commands s, thus simply log into the administrator account and get use your administrative privileges.

Go to Start Menu
Find command prompt (cmd)
Right-click it
Then, select ‘Run as Administrator.'

Technical Support Tip#2:  Keyboard Shortcut

Even while logged into your normal user account, you can open the command prompt with administrative privileges. There is a keyboard shortcut for this.

Go to Start menu
Select the Start Search
Here, type cmd
Then press ‘Ctrl + Shift + Enter’ keys together
The command prompt will turn blue showing that you are in administrative mode.

Technical Support Tip#3: Always Run As Administrator

This tip is ‘Command Prompt’ shortcut specific. You can configure the ‘Command Prompt’ shortcut always to run as administrator. For that perform the following steps:

Right-click on the shortcut
Then, select 'Properties'
On the ‘Shortcut’ tab, press the 'Advanced' button
Then select 'Run as administrator'
Click ‘OK.’

Technical Support Tip#4: Disable User Account Control

If you are  Windows Vista/Windows 7 users, then you must be aware of UAC. It is the feature that handles judging whether you are a normal user or an administrative user. UAC will prompt you with “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” error whenever you will try performing certain tasks without the right administrative permissions. It simply means that if a certain task requires administrative privilege and you try performing it from a normal user account, then UAC will stop you by prompting the error.

Thus, if you are the only user of your computer or if you know that your computer is not accessible by someone you don’t trust, then you can disable UAC altogether. It will allow you to perform even the administrator privileged tasks without any error message. Thus, after disabling UAC, you will be able to open ‘Command Prompt’ even without any special method because the command prompt will automatically open with administrative privileges.

Go to Start Menu
Open ‘Control Panel’
Click on ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’
Click on ‘Turn User Account Control on or off’
Now, uncheck ‘Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer’ option
Then click ‘OK’
Restart Windows and UAC will get disabled.


If you are confronting difficult in using ipconfig command line utility because of the error ‘The Requested Operation Requires Elevation’ then, probably you are using the normal user account. Thus, you don’t have the administrative privileges to perform the requested permissions. The error message is asking to elevate your account type. You can either do that or can use the computer support troubleshooting tips mentioned above. These tips let you open Command Prompt with administrative privileges even when you are using the normal user account.

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