Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

common moving mistakes to avoid

House moving can be quite hectic since there are so many things you need to take care of and the day of moving is a complete roller coaster ride for you. Hiring professional removalists is one of the first yet essential steps you need to take to ensure that you have a smooth move. 

The best way to hire a mover is to compare the services of all the moving companies near you and select one that can provide valuable services at reasonable costs.

Experienced movers will ensure that your moving experience is a satisfying one and free from unnecessary chaos. You should also have a detailed plan for your moving which should include a budget covering all possible expenses.

It would help if you prepared a checklist so that you will not forget anything important to do on moving day. These companies also provide moving tips which will come very handy to you.

Here are some top moving tips:

Even if you have planned your move perfectly, there is a possibility of something unexpected happening. That is why we are providing the following moving tips that will help you to avoid the most common moving mistakes you can make:

Select an authorized mover:

It is very vital to select those movers who have got the appropriate licenses and are well-insured. Check the credentials of the movers before you hire them as it can lead to a major loss of not only money but also time.

You can also ask people about their experience who have availed the services of such removers. You can also find out the challenges they have faced any problems with them and also during relocation.

This will help you plan your move smoothly. Alternatively, Google is also a good way to read reviews of people who have hired these movers and know whether they have any complaints about their services.

Being careless while hiring movers may result in your goods getting damaged or losing some of your valuable items. It will be advisable to select professional removalists referred by your friends or relatives who had a good experience while moving.

Remember to pack essential items:

The moving day is often chaotic people forget to pack essential items, such as medicines, toiletries, mobile chargers, paper towels handy. Hence, make a list of essential items well in advance of the moving day and keep them with you as you may need them during travel.

One more important thing you are likely to experience in moving to your new house is that you will be unable to use your bed. This will be so especially when you are moving a long distance and are waiting for the movers to bring your goods to the new home.

So, to avoid unpleasantness, you need to take along replacements for your bed, such as an air mattress, which will come in handy. Failing to make these arrangements for such essential items will lead to a lot of discomforts, which is avoidable. If you have such unmovable furniture, find some sellers for the same.

Take care of your furniture:

This is another common challenging occurrence experienced during moving. Often, when you enter the new home, you find that your furniture, such as your sofas, chairs have sustained a few damages.

This happens because while lifting and moving the items to the new home, there is the possibility of them getting dropped or banging into something. These mishaps can be avoided by taking some essential precautions.

While packing the furniture, see that they are covered in appropriate packing material that will provide sufficient protection against damage while moving. Be sure to avail of the use of equipment, such as ramps, to move your heavy furniture. If possible, disassemble any furniture before packing and loading to the moving vehicles.

Hire people to take care of your children:

It is not easy to keep an eye on your children on moving day. Hire someone to take care of your kids while you are busy attending to the packing and moving or you.

You can also ask for help from your friends or relatives to care for your kids during the moving process. Similarly, if you have pets, you need to hire someone to watch them so that you can focus entirely on the moving tasks and reduce any wastage of time.

Failure to hire such a sitter for your children and pets could lead to distractions and delay your moving process unnecessarily.

Protect your flooring:

It is seen that moving your heavy items, such as furniture, often results in your floor getting scratched and damaged. This is common, especially in the case of houses with wooden flooring.

Taking certain precautions can prevent this from happening. When moving heavy items along the floor, ensure that you are using cardboard, towels, or such items that will protect the floor from damage. You can also use equipment like sliders to move the furniture through the floor.

Inform your neighbours:

Before moving day, ensure that you have informed your neighbours in advance since they could face some chaos on moving day. If the removalist you have hired, use big-sized trucks for moving they can cause some inconvenience to the neighbours as it will use a lot of space.

You will need your neighbour’s full cooperation during your moving time so that the trucks can be parked conveniently. It would be good if you informed the movers in advance of the areas near your house where they can park their vehicles. It would also help if you obtain necessary permits for parking in advance.

Keep the utilities switched on:

Moving into your new house and finding it without heat, electricity, or the air conditioner would not be a pleasant experience at all.  At the end of your moving, you will feel the need to unwind and relax, and for that, you need the basic utilities.

So before moving, to avoid such hassles, make arrangements to get your utilities turned on. Also, ensure that you have paid all dues pending on utility bills before you move.

Hiring professional house movers will help you to avoid all such unnecessary trouble on moving day as they are packing experts who ensure not to cause any damage to the material and surroundings.

They will guide you and give you tips to avoid the above mentioned common mistakes that occur during house moving. The above tips will also help to prepare you well for your moving and make it a happy experience for you.

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