Common LED TV problems and Their Quick Fix-Ups

At times, your brand new LED TV may face a few minor issues, good enough to cause a huge amount of frustration. However, instead of reacting to the situation with irritation, it would be wise to patiently deal with it using a few simple fix-ups.

Listed below are some of the LED TV-related issues and simple ways to deal with them:

1. A colourful patch present on the TV

This usually happens when a magnetic device is placed next to the television set. Usually, gadgets such as speakers, stabilisers, and electrical toys possess a physical magnet which may affect the TV display. Keep such devices at a distance from your television set. Once done, switch off the TV and turn it on after 15 to 30 minutes. The patch will no longer be visible on the screen.

2. Poor Picture Quality

At times, you may witness a bad image quality even though the TV offers a high definition resolution. This is because the TV is most likely connected to a standard set-top box instead of an HD set-top box.

Loose cable connections behind the TV set and many joints in the cable can be another reason for such unclear images. Turn off the TV, tighten up the plug-ins and switch it on. If the image quality is still the same, the problem may be arising from your cable operator’s end. Note that the cable strength should be greater than 65 dB to be able to offer a good picture quality.

3. Some Channels Not Available

There is nothing much you can do on your own in this case, as the cable operator is the one who usually decides which channels need to be broadcasted and which ones should be blocked. However, it is recommended that you perform ‘auto-tuning’ on your television set or try locating the channels manually. In case you still don’t find them, get in touch with your cable operator.

4. No sound

This is one of the most common issues faced by many. It usually occurs when a user unintentionally presses the mute button on the remote control device. If that’s the case, you may see a tiny speaker symbol with an X in front of it. The symbol may be positioned at one of the 4 corners of your TV. Press the mute button on your remote and the volume will resume. Also, note that some channels have a lower volume level compared to others.

5. Keys on the remote not working

One of the primary reasons causing such an issue is the battery pair that runs out of juice. So, replace the batteries and check if it works. In some cases, the dust particles stuck around the edges of the buttons can cause a major obstruction, causing the buttons to turn stiff. Try cleaning the remote using a soft brush with a tiny head that can easily move across the edges. If it still doesn’t work, get in touch with the customer support team for further assistance.

6. Unable to detect the USB drive

There is a possibility that a USB device may contain files with an extension format that is incompatible with your LED TV. During such instances, even though the USB device is successfully attached, you still won’t be able to view the content. Therefore, make sure the file format is a compatible one. You can also check if the remote is working or not. You need to place remote IR sensor in front of mobile camera, if you see light from there than your remote is fine.

After reading this article, I am sure you will be able to find a solution to the most common problems in your LED TV. 

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