Common Home Pests and How To Get Rid Of Them

Common Home Pests and How To Get Rid Of Them

Pests are a common problem for many homeowners. They can cause your home to smell bad, leave unsightly stains, and even spread disease. But don't worry! There are solutions available to help you get rid of these pesky pests. This blog post will provide information on the most common types of pests that invade homes and show you how to eliminate them from your property. Whether you're dealing with ants or roaches, this blog post has got you covered.


Ants are a common household pest that can enter your home through the smallest cracks. They also find their way into tight crevices around your house where they lay nests, fill up all kinds of food containers with sugar water to feed themselves on as well as any other sweets that may be lying about - including peanut butter sandwiches. To get rid of them from these places sprinkle boric acid or lemon juice along every crack or hole you have seen them come out of.


Termites are silent killers, but they're not always out of sight. These pests stay hidden from view while secretly snacking away at your home's structure and foundation--and the last thing you want is to find them invading on their own! To keep these pesky insects off your property for good, install a barrier around it; liquid pesticides or pesticide-infused building materials will do just fine as well.

Bed Bugs

These sneaky little bugs can be found almost anywhere and are difficult to control. They like hiding in personal belongings, luggage, or even on you. If you have an infestation the best way to get rid of them is by calling pest control services that have experience with these pesky critters. It's also important that when washing bed linens, they should be washed at extremely high temperatures as well as removing clutter from your home making it easier for experts to find if there may still be some lurking around any tight corners, including places such as couches or chairs. Bed bug populations only increase during times where we travel more often than usual due to their feeding habits which consist mainly of blood meals while avoiding detection amid our possessions and clothes thus increasing chances of further spreading

House Flies

Flies are a pest that's hard to get rid of. They seem all too eager for the chance to invade our personal space and make their presence known at every turn, but there is hope! With tons of natural repellants out there from lavender oil to lemongrass or basil leaves in your kitchen bay window, you can take back control over these pesky creatures with ease. No matter how many times we swat them away they keep coming right back-flies just don't know when enough is enough. Fortunately, though it seems like never; with so many different types of plants around us such as lavenders or mints near windowsills where flies might be lurking about waiting for an invitation into your home.


Mosquitos are a pain to deal with in or out of the home. They can sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid up to 100 feet away, as well as chemicals in your sweat. It is not just adults affected by mosquitoes either. Even children can become victims to their bites - especially those with sensitive skin or allergies who may have difficulty breathing after being bitten. Fortunately, we can do things to deter these pests from bothering us too much, such as wearing mosquito repellent clothing containing citronella oil, which has been proven effective at keeping them away for hours; using candle holders filled with water mixed with essential oils like peppermint, cedarwood or lemongrass.


Cockroaches are the most disgusting household pests. They love to eat our food and poop on our carpets, but they can carry disease worst of all. For cockroach infestations not to happen in your home you need to seal up any cracks or holes that may be present with caulking or other materials. If this has already happened, then make a concoction – mix three parts boric acid (this will kill them) and one part powdered sugar (to get their attention).


Rodents are pesky and challenging pests to get rid of. They contaminate your home, carry diseases, and bring other rodents into your space. You can try setting up traps in the house or using rodenticides like mothballs or call for professional help if you need it.

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