Cleaning Windows in 5 Easy Steps

Window cleaning tips

Window cleaning can be simple if you put some back into it. And that is the simple truth. The fact of the matter is cleaning windows is perceived as more bothersome than any other household chore by far too many people. Although it does not take a lot of thought, and the methods you should apply are pretty straightforward, if not done properly you might need a lot more energy and time than you think. A bit of planning and gathering of the right materials and cleaning supplies is all you need to get yourself ready for the endeavour, and the final result will be shiny, sparkly windows done with less effort than usual. Here are the five steps you need to take to get that window cleaning out of the way as soon as possible:

1. Gather the proper tools.

window cleaning tools

You have a few options for cleaning tools that will work when it comes to cleaning windows. The old-fashioned method is simply using a newspaper (in case you keep any at your home - there are actually people who don't buy newspapers anymore as everything they need to know can be found on the web nowadays). Squish a page, scrub on window, throw away. Simple as that. In case you are afraid of ink marks, you can use the modern universal method of microfiber cloth cleaning. And, naturally, the last option is by using a sponge or rag and a squeegee.

2. Organise the cleaning supplies.

cleaning supplies

This one is simple: get a bottle of warm water, get some lemon juice, mix. You can also use specialised and labelled window cleaners as well, or maybe an all-purpose home cleaner made from water and vinegar – that part is up to you, but you should equip yourself with rubber gloves if you use the former.

3. Go top to bottom.

top to bottom window cleaning

When you start cleaning, you should know that there is an order for everything. Doing it top to bottom will get your window clean faster and there will be no need to repeat. Top to bottom is a rule of thumb in cleaning and you want it done properly.

4. Rinse and repeat.

rinse window cleaning

In case you can still notice that there are some stains or marks after the first go, don’t be afraid to redo the cleaning process – windows won’t wear out if you clean them more than once, after all. Rinse the windows with water, scrub it away with the squeegee, and then, if there is still some annoying and stubborn stain, just go through the process once again.

5. Wait till it dries.

dry windows

It is important to remember that you should not touch the window till it is completely dry. It should not take long, but you should also not force the drying. If you use a towel to dry it faster, then you might leave behind more annoying stains or marks with the towel, so it is best if you wait patiently for a while. It’s not like you are constantly using the windows anyway.

Everyone knows how rainy weather can ruin your windows' transparency, especially now that the autumn is knocking on the door. But if you follow these simple steps, you will have fresh and clean windows that will let in all the necessary sunshine you want. Home cleaning is not difficult when you follow the right patterns, and this is the right pattern for window cleaning. Implement it next time you endeavour to get the windows done and you will immediately see the difference. And after that you can enjoy your crystal clean windows.

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