Choosing the Right Glass Door Refrigerator


The glass door refrigerators have become a very important part of the food business. The glass refrigerators are not just used as display refrigerators these days. They are used as just storage refrigerators as well. All the new technology has made these refrigerators very cost effective. They have been affordable and easy to use.

The glass door refrigerators are an excellent way of enhancing your sales. These refrigerators can be used as advertising boards for the products that you have to offer to your customers.

Because of the increasing demand of the glass door fridges, there is an extensive variety of these refrigeration present in the market. Investing in refrigeration is not a small step so it should be done after considering all the important factors and features.

Here we will be comparing two glass door refrigerators and try to determine which one is better and more feasible to buy.

Capital Cooling Vesta 800S MK2:

This glass door refrigerator by capital cooling is double glass door appliance. It double doors are self-closing which is always a good feature for commercial refrigerators. The doors are opened several times and there is always a chance that the door may be left open. It can result in escaping of cold air which is nor are good for the efficiency of the fridge so self-closing doors very useful.

This glass door fridge also features LED lights and manual defrosting. The shelves of the fridge are adjustable which makes it easy to use. There are also standard fitted castors.

It has internal illumination and an illuminated canopy for better display.

It has four adjustable shelves per door, a digital controller and white exterior. The temperature range of the refrigerator is -1 C to+7 C. It has the feature of lock and key as well. The cooling system of the fridge is static cooling. The capacity of the appliance is 805 liters.

ScanCool SD 801SL:

This display refrigerator had double glass doors which are sliding doors. It is an upright refrigerator and has the dimensions of 2020 x 1000 x 700 mm (H x W x D).

It features adjustable shelves. The number of adjustable shelves present in this fridge is eight which is very suitable for commercial use. The shelves are made up of white wire which does not rust and last very long. The dimensions of the shelves are 440x547 mm (W x D). It has a light top. The cooling type used in this fridge is ventilated cooling. 

It has electronic controllers and self-closing doors. The pieces of shelf carriers are 8 x 4 pcs. The capacity of the refrigerator is 800 liters. This display cooler has electric consumption of 75 kW/h.

The temperature range of refrigerator is +4 C to +10 C. the net weight of the fridge is 132 kg and the refrigerant used in it is R134a.

It has 2 vertical LED lights which are present inside the refrigerator and provide a better visual of the displayed products. It also as the feature of lock and key which is very important to ensure the safety of the displayed products and to make sure that the doors are closed properly.

Making the right choice:

Now all of the features and specifications of both, the Capital Cooling Vesta 800S MK2 and ScanCool SD 801SL have been put in front of you, you will be able to make the decision more easily. Most of the features of both the display refrigerators are the same like the capacity of both the display coolers is almost same. The temperature range is also not so different.

So in order to determine which one is better take a closer look at both of the refrigerators and look for the features which make the better display refrigerator stand out.

The one thing that makes the ScanCool SD 801SL seem a better choice as compared to the Vesta 800S MK2 is the number of adjustable shelves. The ScanCool refrigerator gas eight adjustable shelves as compared to the four adjustable shelves of capital cooling’s model. The number of shelves makes a lot difference when it comes to stacking up the food on commercial level. More number of adjustable shelves means that you get an opportunity to display a wider variety of food products. You can fit all of your products in the refrigerator without overstocking your refrigerator. These shelves are also adjustable which makes it even easier to store your merchandise no matter what the size.

The ScanCool display cooler has ventilated cooling which also helps in commercial use. It has a light top which provides a very good visual. It has two vertical LED lights so that the customers can easily see the displayed merchandise. The LED lights are excellent for commercial use as they are very energy efficient.

Both of the display coolers are designed for commercial use so most of their features are same but always look for the unique feature which gives one appliance an edge over the other like in between these two appliances the ScanCool’s model gives you more and better shelving.


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