Blue Sapphire Gemstones and Its Incomparable Virtues


Astrology talks about 9 gemstones in total corresponding to the planets in the universe. All of these gemstones have their own importance and powers by the virtue of which they have an effect on the human life. Blue sapphire is one such gemstone which is also known as Neelam. Neelam derives its name due to its blue over-powering tones. It is known to be the strongest and the most powerful gemstone among all of its contemporary gemstones. The blue sapphire or neelam stone price is increasing rapidly from last few years. Read out below some incomparable virtues of blue sapphire:

  • Blue sapphire is known to be immediately helpful in rendering blue sapphire or neelam stone benefits and effects on a person wearing it. It should be worn by people who have consulted with their astrologer and gemologist.  When worn in the right time and for the right purpose, it shows its power in bringing back harmony and success.
  • Blue sapphire is a gemstone that attributes its wondrous features to the planet Saturn which is also known as the planet of karma.
  • Good deeds done in life are always rewarded with pleasant fruition while bad karmas are all credited in your bad karma account and sooner or later one has to face the results. Being afflicted with bad times is one’s own karmic account that has come into play wherein Lord Saturn enters in the horoscope. Wearing blue sapphire just curbs that down by fetching energies by the planet Saturn.
  • If worn at a wrong time by a wrong person, blue sapphire brings miseries, pain, and trauma in one’s life. One should avoid wearing it without any consultation and proper analysis. Misfortunes, bad luck and health issues may trouble a person on a wrong judgment of the blue sapphire.
  • On the other hand, if you are the right candidate for this gemstone, this gemstone will change your life completely. No longer will misery touch you and success will be yours. Apparently, the effects of wearing this stone can be noticeable within a day or two. This stone is a magical gem that may relieve you of your ailments, you may get unexpected opportunities or promotions or you may even gain health.
  • When Saturn is not well placed in your horoscope, wearing blue sapphire will help you get relief in the ill-effects it might be causing you.
  • All kinds of negative forces are nullified by wearing blue sapphire. All sorts of negative emotions and negative thoughts have vanished, and an individual starts thinking positive, his mental condition starts getting improved and so does his deeds. Wearing a blue sapphire tends to give a power of choosing always right and hence the decision taken is always right and brings out positive results every time.
  • Health issues such as kidney problems, digestion issues or brain-related diseases all get cured by the virtue of this gemstone.
  • An individual gains confidence in himself thereby abolishing fear from his mind about all the unnecessary things he has been facing so far. Being confident in life solves half of the problems for any individual; it not only leads to mental peace regarding things going in a right direction but also boosts up the impression of the personality one may gain.
  • A person gains wisdom in making perfect decisions at the right time, he is blessed with clear thinking and he leaves behind all the confusion that is still hovering over him and he is able to aim at right things in life. He further walks on the correct pat of wisdom and spiritualism. His mind becomes clear of what is right and what is wrong and he dedicates himself to the welfare of the society being selfless whatsoever.

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