The Benefits of Using Sustainable Packaging Materials for Your Business

Wooden crates

Wood is a natural material that has been used since the Neolithic era. It is a great option for businesses that want to have more sustainable, recyclable, or reusable packing.

Are you trying to figure out easy ways for your business to go green? It makes sense that you can be more sustainable as a business when you use sustainable materials more often. 

It can be hard to make this change, however, if you aren't positive it'll be worth the effort. You also don't want to have your items damaged in shipment just because you want to be more eco-friendly.

You may be considering using wooden crates for your upcoming shipments instead of the traditional metal options. If you aren't sure if this option (or other sustainable packing materials) is the best fit, keep reading below. 

Sustainable Packaging Materials vs Non-Sustainable Materials: Which Is Best?

People used to talk about sustainable packing as if it was far off in the future. The science is here now - businesses are using sustainable packing materials for their shipments more than ever before. 

Brands that use sustainable practices are viewed more favourably by the public. This means that you are likely to get more customers and make this a lucrative transition for your business. 

How do you know if something is sustainable or not? For packing to be considered sustainable, it has to meet four main factors: safety, cyclic, effective, and efficient. 

Sustainable packing materials most notably come from renewable resources and avoid waste.

If it can be safely reused repeatedly and is made from a natural resource, that's a very good sign that it may be sustainable. 

Non-sustainable materials used to be popular around the globe, but fewer businesses rely on them now. To attract eco-conscious consumers to your products, you have to start with changing your shipping practices. 

Examples of Our Sustainable Packing Options

Some of the sustainable packing options that you should consider include:

  • Wooden crates
  • Recycled timber pallets
  • Recyclable shrink films
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Recyclable plastic cases
  • Recyclable plastic pallets
  • Wooden cases

At AXIS Industrial Solutions, we care about the environment. We are dedicated to complying with all laws related to the environment and work towards conservation in all practices. 

Our staff is trained in sustainable policies. Working with us means you're working with a company that strives to educate others on the importance of sustainable practices, reduction of waste, and conservation. 

Are Wooden Crates a Good Idea for Shipping?

The types of wood used when securing a shipment are important. However, companies like ours have made use of this versatile material for shipping needs to ensure your shipment is safe.

You might be wondering if wooden crates are a smart choice for shipping items across long distances. They don't necessarily seem like they would be as durable as steel or other metal containers. 

Truthfully, wooden crates are ideal for certain types of shipments. If you have a shipment that is sensitive to heat, wooden crates are a good idea because they can let more air in and out of the container. 

One of the great things about wooden shipping crates is that you can also add a protective heat-shrink wrapping to them if you need to protect the items from the elements. This shrink film is 100% recyclable. 

Wooden crates are also lighter than steel, so they are more accessible and can be easier to move around. Because they weigh less, wooden crates can also cost your business less money.

If you have a heavy shipment and need reinforcement on the bottom of the crate, we can do that for you. Our crates are able to be designed to meet your needs.

While wooden crates aren't perfect for every shipping job, they can be a great way to be greener as a business and make sure your shipment arrives safely. 

Benefits of Using Recycled Packing Materials for Your Business

Besides the benefit of being more eco-friendly and potentially gaining more business, there are other benefits to using recycled materials for your packing and shipping needs.

Sustainable packing materials are easier to dispose of when they are done being used or are no longer safe to continue using.

If you're working with non-sustainable materials that contain chemicals and other factors, you have to consider that when you're getting rid of them. This makes the entire process more time-consuming and complex.

Since sustainable materials are biodegradable, you don't have to worry about doing any significant damage when it's time to toss it. If you've purchased one of our plastic pallets, we will buy it back from you to recycle it when you're done using it as well!

Eco-friendly packing materials are more versatile. You can use them for more than one purpose and typically will work with a variety of products you are trying to ship. 

You're also reducing cost when you use sustainable materials, like wooden crates or pallets, because they weigh less. As we mentioned previously, the lower weight means you save money and can spend that on something that will help grow your business instead.

Are You Looking for the Best Ways to Go Green?

Almost every business needs to make shipments, but doing so doesn't have to damage the environment. Working with sustainable materials, like wood, is an easy change to make that can help save the planet. Your shipment will be safe, and you'll rest easy knowing that you've done your part! 

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