The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

In this day and age when children seem entranced by the wonders of technology, spending hours on their smartphones or gaming devices, with very little time spent playing outdoors or with their friends in physical games and activities, the necessity of martial arts training has become more crucial than ever. Martial arts have always benefitted kids, with children in the Far East often being trained in it from a very, very young age. The benefits of martial arts training has remained timeless and is more relevant today than ever before. Thinking that martial arts is only for self-defense is an underestimation of the power and beauty of martial arts.

What are the specific benefits of martial arts for kids?

The benefits of martial arts training for children extend to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social levels. For true benefits to be experienced, they would have to be trained at a professional kid’s martial arts school. Here are the specific ways in which they are benefited:

  • Improves attention span and focus: It has been well documented that electronic devices cause attention spans to get shorter, which is bad news for the academic success of a child. Martial arts can counteract that as it improves attention span, guiding children to concentrate, listen, and respond actively to instructions that are given. Children have to literally think on their feet and be on their feet all the time in martial arts training. This will ultimately benefit them in all areas of their lives.
  • Social interaction increases: When children go to a kid’s martial arts school, they will meet other children who are also on the same path and strike up friendships with them. They will learn to work in teams, learn to support each other, and even if they compete, it will be with an attitude of sportsmanship which will hold them in good stead throughout their lives.
  • Improves posture, coordination, fine motor skills, and balance: A healthy posture leads to healthy breathing, which is the foundation for a healthy life. Balance and coordination are also improved, which leads to better skills in other sports and games as well.
  • Instills a sense of discipline and responsibility: Martial arts training at a professional school, such as the near to australian suburbs like Hallam, Berwick and Narre Warren helps children learn the value of discipline and helps them take responsibility for their actions. This translates into greater discipline and a sense of responsibility in other areas of their lives.
  • Confidence and self-esteem increases: The more a child becomes aware of himself/herself through training at a proper school, such as the one in Narre Warren, the more confidence and self-esteem he/she has. This helps them to make better decisions in life and stay away from peer pressure which could lead them to do wrong things.
  • Personal safety and awareness increases: When children learn martial arts, they become observant at all times and ready to respond to any threats in a calm and powerful way. This way, they not only keep themselves safe from harm but can also play an active part in helping others.

The lifelong benefits of martial arts training for kids

Martial arts training teaches children not only self-defense, but also non-violent conflict resolution. This may seem paradoxical, but the fact is that the more children are confident about their own power, the less they will be likely to fall victims of bullying, abuse, or become perpetrators of that themselves. This leads to a better society for all. It is also a source of peace of mind for parents who know that their children can take care of themselves.


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