How to Choose The Best Gear for Muay Thai Training

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To get the most out of your Muay Thai training you need to have the right Muay Thai training gear. 

When sourcing for you’re the equipment you need for training you are bound to come across a lot of items and this can make it hard for you to decide what gear and equipment to get. This article will guide you through the essential gear you need for Muay Thai training. 

Hand Wraps 

You need to wrap your hands when training to protect your wrist from injury during pad rounds or when hitting heavy bags. Get quality hand wraps for your wrists to provide cushion and prevent them from breaking. Wrapping your hands tightly and properly with quality wraps will also provide cushion and protection for your knuckles.

The standard length of the hand wrap is 180’’ and should suffice for more hand sizes. If you would like to feel more secure, take longer hand wrap with length 200’’. Still consider that you should put some gloves and with too long wrap could feel snug.

Mouth Guard 

The importance of a mouthguard when training for Muay Thai cannot be overemphasized as it will save you from injuries and even tooth loss. If your mouth is not protected and your teeth get knocked you will be facing a worse dilemma than you can imagine. 

Even if you are a beginner and will not be doing serious sparring or clinching it won’t hurt to get a mouthguard and keep it close. You never know when you will be asked to drill with a partner who could hit you. 

Muay Thai Shorts 

Muay Thai shorts are more authentic than many training shorts out there and also place you in the right mindset for your training. A Muay Thai short will last you for years so it is a pretty good investment. 

One way to identify a serious and passionate Muay Thai trainee is by their Muay shorts which is typically a Muay Thai uniform. Using Muay Thai shorts as well will improve your motivation.

While some persons might be bothered about the short length of the Muay Thai short, it is the traditional style of Muay Thai. However, you can also choose to keep it at a comfortable length and not kike it up as fighters do. 

Muay Thai Gloves 

Muay Thai gloves are very important pieces for a Muay Thai trainee and also created specifically for Thai boxing or sparring. Muay Thai gloves are made differently than regular boxing gloves to make it possible for you to open your hands and clinch properly. Regular boxing gloves can be frustrating when you want to clinch during boxing so it is not advisable to get them. 

When choosing Muay Gloves you should consider the weight of the glove as well as size to find which one fits best. The glove size you use is entirely down to personal preference, your fight style, the strength you hit, and how many kilos you are. 

The preferred size of Muay Thai gloves is 16 oz. But it depends also on your weight. If you are less than 65 kilos you should consider to but gloves with size 14 oz.

Where to buy Muay Thai Equipment 

Once you have decided to get your gears and equipment, the next thing to consider is where to buy them. You can get your Muay Thai gear online from an online retail store that specializes in Muay Thai wears and equipment. Also consider delivery days and shipping fees to get the best deals. Good online retailers offer  2-5 days of delivery using DHL.

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