Benefits of Acupuncture for Your Daily Life


Acupressure is a technique applied in most Asian countries, also known as acupressure. It is derived from acupuncture and differs from it since without the use of needles it manages to strategically stimulate the energy points through massages performed with the fingers. It is used by a large number of doctors to control pain using the energy points, which are connected by the so-called "meridians", which are used as a conductive element of energy, which, when released, allow to regain the lost balance and improve the patient's general health. There are lot's of health benefits of acupressure as follows:

Eliminate your headache

One of the reasons thousands of people undergo needle-filling treatment for their bodies is because it effectively eliminates severe headaches and even migraines. This has been proven with studies in which some people received acupuncture treatment, but in which pressure points were chosen at random, while another group had effective acupuncture treatment. Only the last one saw his pain disappear. This is important because it shows that acupuncture is not a random technique, but that a knowledge of the human body is needed.

Reduces pain

Just like with the head, acupuncture reduces physical pain in other parts of the body. The back, knees, and even arthritis have been effectively treated through acupuncture treatments. One study showed that of 17,000 arthritis patients, those who received acupuncture felt much less pain than those who used placebo drugs.

Helps treat insomnia

A study done at Beijing University found acupuncture treatment for sleep problems, especially insomnia, beneficial. Also, unlike many sleep medications and treatments, acupuncture was not shown to have negative side effects.

Improves recovery against diseases

Be careful, it does not imply that it cures cancer, but when a person, after undergoing the invasive chemotherapy process, has acupuncture as an excellent solution to the problems that come. Acupuncture can strengthen the immune system, increase the number of platelets and prevent new diseases. This can be said of any illness that has been suffered. Acupuncture serves as a booster to treatment.

Heal, don't try

It is a technique focused on eliminating the problem, not treating it. It attacks at the root of the immune, hormonal, nervous, blood and even emotional systems. His philosophy on balance and flow in the body allows the sick person to feel how the disease is leaving and not just hide and then reappear.

Chemotherapy is a method of ending pain and discomfort, however, it is also important to note that it is an alternative treatment and that you should always consult a doctor before using acupuncture as the only treatment.

Use of energy points in the treatment of the most common conditions

Here are some energy points that help alleviate the most common conditions:

  • Exhaustion: the energy point to treat this condition is located in the inner crease of the wrist aligned with the thumb.
  • Anxiety: Its energy point is located in the inner crease of the wrist aligned with the little or middle finger, and is also located in the middle of the sole.
  • Allergies: Found in the inner crease of the elbow.
  • Nasal congestion: can be located behind the thumbnail, on the side opposite the fingers.
  • Sleep control: the energy point is located on the big toe, next to the second toe.

It should be noted that if the symptoms persist it may be an indication that it is a serious disease, so a medical evaluation is required as soon as possible.

The acupressure can also be used to prevent diseases since it stimulates the body's self-healing capacity, as well as its immunity.

How is acupressure applied?

It is important to highlight that it is necessary to know the anatomy of the body and have the proper guidance of a specialized and experienced therapist to properly locate the acupressure points. The process consists of performing a massage in a circular motion on the point before pressing it, in this way the stimulus will more easily reach the deeper tissues.

In each treatment, between 80 to 120 pressures or massages should be performed at each point, lasting 2 to 3 minutes. To perform this technique it is not necessary to use any type of oil or creams.

Undoubtedly, acupressure turns out to be a highly effective technique that allows us to control the existing energy imbalances in our body, which manage to affect our health.

For this reason, it is advisable to consult specialized websites that offer reliable and trustworthy information, which provides detailed information to be more educated about this interesting and beneficial topic.

It is important to note that, although it is a technique that can be applied at home, you must first be sure to have all the necessary information and advice, since if an energy point is altered incorrectly through malpractice, injuries could be caused in the organism.

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