Beautiful and Exotic Nature Parks Of South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is one of the top tourist destination places and it is also known for the cultural and wildlife that it possesses. The travelers get to see various sorts of the park and can wholly relish the nature. It is a visual treat for the spectators who visit numerous wildlife parks here.

South Africa is one of the most popular tourist spots and is also popular for the nature parks that it possess. South Africa has around 20 famous natural parks and some of the beautiful nature parks you should visit while you are in South Africa are mentioned below. 


Table Mountain National Park - 

Table Mountain which is situated in Cape Town is the second most popular nature park that is in South Africa. The two things which the park is known for is the African penguins on the boulders beach and the Cape Point. The park is well recognised for its distinctive landmarks - The Cape of Good Hope and The Table Mountain. This park is not like the other nature parks which are one singular unit. The park is around 221 km and is divided into three discrete segments: The Silvermine-Tokai Section; The Table Mountain Section; Cape Point Section. 


Kruger National Park - 

Kruger National park is one of the popular and oldest parks in South Africa. It covers 18,989 square kilometres and it is one of largest game reserves in South Africa. The park has nine different entrances. The nine tourist trails that lead throughout the park. South Africa Kruger National Park holiday has become one of the most popular safari holiday option.The park provides accommodation for the people who wish to visit it, there are altogether 21 rest camps, 15 safari lodges, and 2 private concessions. The Kruger Park has 147 mammal species and 517 species of birds. Despite being of the most popular parks you can experience a total untouched side of South Africa.


Addo Elephant National Park -

Addo Elephant National Park is located near Port Elizabeth. At present, there are around 450 elephants and other mammals dwelling there. The parks 1,640 conduct the main camp with housings and other amenities and along with that, they are 4 tourist rest camps with 4 camps that are run by concessionaires.


Namaqua National Park - Namaqua National Park is located in western part of South Africa and is considered to be a semi-dessert, as the summers are hot and dry and cold winters with variable, usually scant rainfall. Spring flower boom is the park’s main attraction.The park has an area of 700 km and it also has the largest concentration of succulent plants in the world. There are various picnic points in the parks for tourists. It also comprises of scenic routes, walking routes, information centre and etc.


Agulhas National Park - The Cape Agulhas is situated in the South most tip of South Africa. The Agulhas National Park is the best place for whale watching, the season of whale watching begins from November and ends in January. The park has one of the smallest areas of 20,959 hectares amongst all the South Africa's National park.


Golden Gate Highlands National Park - The Golden Gate Highlands National park is situated Free State, Republic of South Africa, near the Lesotho border. It is best acknowledged for its tremendous landscape and abundant palaeontology finds. The main attraction of the park is the orange-hued intensely weather-beaten sandstone cliffs and outcrops, especially the Brandwag rock and golden ochre. Besides several caves and shelters in the cliffs have San rock paintings.

On a South Africa holiday tour, don’t forget to carry a couple of binoculars to help you spot creatures. Additionally carry a camera and other hardware as a method for recording your safari. It is the best way to quiets down the individuals who question the tale of your experience with the African natural life. Convey along a pair sunglasses to shield you from glare, especially if you travel to South Africa. Dressing admirably implies cool apparel, (for example, light cottons and material) for summer and warm for winter.

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