Automatic Vacuum Cleaner QA Which Is Very Important to Know

vacuum cleaner

The best automatic vacuum FAQ to get a solution to your vacuum related questions. Know what they do, how they work and why you need one.

Shall I focus on the design of vacuum cleaner?

In most of the cases, people hardly look for the design as they go with the overall performance which the cleaner will offer you for the pet hair cleaning task. There have been several innovations and modifications in the design for the vacuum cleaners in the past few years, owing to the cleaning space, material and the convenience of the people. These things should definitely be kept in mind while selecting the cleaner. The design of the vacuum cleaner will surely matter because of the cleaning area, dimensions of the room or the articles which need to be cleaned at most of the times. Bigger robotic cleaners may suit for bigger rooms or halls, however, if you have got multiple rooms in a home, you will certainly go for smaller designs that can penetrate all corners of your home and can easily under the sofa.

Do I need to care about warranty offered by manufacturers?

This is one of the most common questions asked by the consumers when it comes to the electronic gadgets such as vacuum cleaners. When you purchase something from an online portal, there may be a case that you get protection or coverage for at most 30 days but what will happen if the cleaner bumps more or makes irritating noise after 2 or 4 months of use? Of course, you will start hating such devices and would like to hire some cleaning professionals for pet hair but please note that this is never a viable option. When a potential consumer invests hundreds of dollars for convenience and for a guaranteed result, you will have to look for the manufacturer’s warranty so that if anything goes wrong with the product or its performance, you can take it to the service center and get it repaired. Today, most of the manufacturing companies for the vacuum cleaners offer extended warranties so that you may not have to run here and there.

Will I get some essential accessories or additional features with vacuum cleaners?

Well, there are some brands and vacuum cleaner manufacturers that provide with a few exceptional accessories with these products that will make the job cleaning for pet hairs a convenient task. The first one which is of paramount importance here is the base which is self-charging. So, you will never have to depend on the base charger which you have installed in your home. The second one is the remote control for such cleaners that will get your task completed even if you are not at home. Apart from these, you may go for extra brackets and wall mounts that will optimize the storage space of these vacuum cleaners to a great extent.

How will the vacuum cleaners clean my home?

Most of the vacuum cleaner units come with advanced technology – fit with multiple stages cleaning process. The first one is the agitation, then it brushes and at the end, the suction process will work which completely wipes out the dirt, debris and it is even fit for pet hairs.

Is the vacuum cleaner fit for pet hairs?

Several active players in the area have reported that the best vacuum cleaner with the latest design, works well even for a minute and tiny pet hairs. So, you should not worry as the cleaner will filter all the hairs of your pets which you have in your home. You can also schedule these cleaners in the morning and evening as well when you are aware that your pets are asleep so that pet hairs can be easily cleaned and your home floor looks clean and tidy.

Will the unit clean marble floors?

Most of the vacuum cleaners available in the market at present are capable enough to clean the marbles and tiles given they are labeled. This clearly means that there should not be larger height difference because vacuum cleaners easily climb the floor carpet of nearly every width, so it won’t be any issue at all. These cleaners are best for wood floors as well.

Will it fall off the staircase from my home?

If you are using the best vacuum cleaner on the market, most of them come with advanced laser technology and have sensors that will protect the cleaner from any damage or fall-off. The vacuum cleaners come with a stair-detection sensor which will not allow the unit to the staircase rather either it will stop or will turn back once it reaches the edge.

How will my vacuum cleaner get charged?

If you are using the unit for wood floors and the cleaner has the charging base in the same room, the vacuum cleaner will automatically detect the charger and will come to the location if power drops the minimum threshold limit. However, if the vacuum cleaner is working in a different room, it will continue cleaning the floor until the power ends.

What would be the level of noise in such vacuum cleaners?

One thing should be noted here that robotic cleaners are much smoother than the conventional one which once made highly audible sounds. Most of the advanced and the best vacuum cleaners will create less sound however, there are a few cleaners that whistle or it may irritate you. The best way to avoid this scenario is to program the cleaning schedule when you are away from your home.

Can the battery of vacuum cleaner be replaced?

After regular and consistent use of the vacuum cleaner, the unit may require some sort of battery replacement. Like every electronic gadget, this unit will also need a replacement for the battery. The biggest indicator for such change is the quick consumption of battery charge or extra time consumed in charging the unit fully. This will indicate that the battery has been used to its maximum life and it needs immediate replacement.

Will I need to empty the debris out of the cleaner?

If you are using the unit to clean floor for pet hair, you will need to empty the dustbin quite often. However, it completely depends on the size of the area which the unit cleans on daily basis. This will definitely matter because dustbin tray full of dirt and pet hairs will reduce the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner. You should never worry as removing the tray and extracting the debris out of it is quite easier. Once it is done, you just need to push the tray again and it will be working normally.

What should I do for keeping my home clean but I am on a long trip?

With advanced technology, everything you dream has been turned into reality by software and app developers. Today, most of the vacuum cleaners which you choose for wood floors cleaning, have an amazing feature which can be controlled from distance and through the most compatible app. So, even if you are away from your home, just turn the mobile app on and you will be able to control the cleaning schedule and activities of the vacuum cleaner.

How will I know whether the cleaning task is complete?

In most of the vacuum cleaners, the manufacturer provided different kinds of indicators like for full battery, the level of dustbin size which is empty and to mark the task completion. So, if the cleaning of a floor in your living room has been done, the indicator will turn red and it will ask to move the cleaner out to some other location in your home so that it cleans the entire space in a sequential manner.

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