Artificial Turf Saves Water During Drought Conditions

Many areas on the west coast of the United States have been experiencing drought conditions for several years, and even though there have been recent improvements in reserve water levels as a result of increased rainfall and conservation efforts, there remains a necessity to save water.  Quite simply, even if there are improvements in rainfall and snowfall that increases reservoir levels, there is no guarantee that this trend will continue.  The is no way to predict if another dry spell will happen which will send the west coast back to the scenario where crops are at historically low yields and flowers fail to bloom.  In a nutshell, people still need to conserve water in areas like Las Vegas, as well as in other west coast cities.

One of the best ways that people can participate in the conservation effort is to adhere to watering schedules and to remove as much foliage from their yards as possible.  Water conservation rules will make it quite difficult to keep your plants and lawn green, and over time chances are that your once-lush lawn will become brown and dry.  While it may be a bitter pill to swallow to completely remove your grass, you must realize that the installation of synthetic turf will allow you to keep that green look while no longer paying the expenses of maintenance and watering.  Synthetic turf does not grow and therefore needs no mowing or care, and when that savings is combined with the money you save every month on water you will see your investment pay for itself in no time.  There are also rebates and bonuses that can be had by state and local municipalities if you move towards a desert landscaping type of yard.  Instead of caring for your yard, you and your family can spend time enjoying it.

Many people ask about any drawbacks of synthetic turf, voicing concerns that they have heard that fake grass discolors over time, or has drainage issues, or gets too hot in the summer heat. These concerns are legitimate, but have been reduced with better products that have been made over the past few years.  Drainage  used to be an issue with fake grass, as water and pet urine pooled on top and made puddles.  Improvements to the backing used in these products now allows for total drainage, and any water or urine will pass through and into the ground below.  Discoloring in the past was generally due to this pooling, and is quite rare today.  As far as the fake grass being hotter than natural grass, it is true that synthetic products are generally about 10 degrees hotter than natural plants, but this is usually only noticed in extreme heat conditions when people will usually not be outside for extended periods anyway.  The heat is easily diminished through a light spray of water from a hose, which will make the synthetic turf quite bearable and enjoyable in even the hottest temperatures.

Lets face it, Las Vegas is a desert and the installation of plants into your yard that are not natural to this type of environment is going to cause issues with keeping them healthy, as well as costing a lot to get them the water necessary.  If you water your Las Vegas lawn enough to keep it green, there is a good chance that you are violating watering restrictions that can get you large fines and even result in your water service being turned off.  It is best to just remove all of those "water loving" plants and go with desert landscaping.  You will be saving water and being a good citizen while saving money and maintenance costs.

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