Arranging your Living Room Furniture

Arranging your Living Room Furniture

Arranging your living room furniture is something that should be done with a lot of care and caution. Time and thought should be put into the process to ensure that you do come out with a good looking and pleasant room to look at. Designing the room in your head and actually arranging it are two different things. You might be having a very clear picture in your head of who you would like the room to look but you need to be very practical about the whole idea. You need to look at the available space that you have in your living room and the size of the furniture and home decor items that you will be putting in the room. The two should correlate to ensure that you have a well-arranged room. To help you achieve this well –arranged room, below are some tips that you can use.

As you arrange the furniture in the room, ensure that you leave space for walkways. You do not want to have a crammed and overcrowded space where people cannot even move in and out. Not creating these walkways will simply have the effect of you having a living room that looks cluttered. It also makes it very easy for accidents to occur in the room. Lack of enough space for people to move around in can easily result in people tripping over furniture and even breaking their toes. Make sure that you are very reasonable about eth amount of space that you have in your living room, the size of the furniture that you buy and the spots that you choose to put them within the living room.

It is also a very good idea to try as much as possible to ensure that there is some space left between the walls and your furniture pieces. Place your seats about a foot or so away from the walls. To accentuate the room even further, you can choose to place a narrow table behind or lighting. A table will work very well as on it, you can place decorative items such as vases and picture frames. This actually has the effect of creating an illusion of space and making your living room appear much bigger than it actually is. In the event that your living room is quite small, the option of a couch with exposed legs will work very well for you.

The positioning of your seats is another very important factor when it comes to the arranging of your living room. It is important that you positioning makes the living room look inviting and open. It would be good for you to have your seats and chairs facing towards the entrance of the room and not away from it. The space between the seats should typically be between 4 and 6 feet. Ensure that you also leave adequate space between the seats themselves and surfaces such as tables. The space that you leave for these should be guided by the height of the table; it should be very well coordinated with the height of the seating.

Establishing a focal point in your living room is another very good idea. Make room for either a fireplace or an entertainment center. This focal point should guide you in the arranging of the furniture; arrange the furniture around the focal point. You can very easily attract attention towards this focal point by adding plants, lights, side tables or shelves around it. You do not necessarily have to go conventional. You can break the laid down rules and choose to have something like a mirror as your focal point. The most important thing should be you being able to personalize the space. Whatever pieces that you choose to put in there should relate you as a person and should be a projection of what you actually feel inside. You should be able to feel comfortable in it every time that you walk in and it should feel like a home to you. You can browse through the internet or through magazines to get a few ideas on how you can arrange your space but just make sure that you personalize the ideas that you get.

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