Aluminium, UPVC, Composite or Bi-fold - Which Door is Best?

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Are you looking forward to designing or redesigning your house? If yes, then you can consider using doors as the major attraction for your house. The selection of perfect doors for your place is a daunting task because the choice of people has transformed a lot from early times. They consider a lot of factors while selecting the variety of doors for their place. The frequently used doors can be classified into four major categories i.e. aluminium, UPVC, Composite and bi-fold doors. All these doors have their own specialty, pros, and cons on the basis of usability, the material used and many other such factors. To finalise your decision regarding the selection of a door, you can consider the below discussed detailing about each door type.

Aluminium Doors: Aluminium doors are popularly used in houses or offices so as to give efficient security to your place. They are strongly manufactured and attached to the walls of the houses. The aluminium doors are capable enough in giving your entire place a classy look.


  1. The aluminium doors are highly cost-effective, strong and are an economical solution to your home or office requirements. These doors are perfect for domestic as well as commercial purpose.
  2. The aluminium doors help you save a lot from your regular energy bills because its thermal performance is comparatively much higher than that of other materials like UPVC, Composite etc.
  3. The maintenance of aluminium doors is less because the aluminium doors are corrosion resistant and are capable enough to bear all harsh environmental conditions.


  1. The aluminium doors are not oxidation resistant thus; oxidation appears in them in the either form of residue or pitting.
  2. The risk of being corroded always exists with aluminium doors, if certain precautions are not taken from time to time.
  3. These doors require separate welding equipment.

UPVC Doors: The UPVC doors are made up of materials like plywood, polystyrene or plastic. These doors are now redeveloped using steel so as to improve security and rigidity. The UPVC doors are suitable for houses but are having a lot of drawbacks attached to it.


  1. The UPVC doors are much affordable in price because the market is offering great deals on UPVC doors and windows combo.
  2. These doors comparatively require a very less maintenance and can last even for a decade or more.
  3. The installation of UPVC door is neither difficult nor requires a lot of time. It is easy and quick to install a door.


  1. The UPVC doors are having the biggest drawback of limited or no colour choices. You only have to choose the colourless material for your door or the bright white colour that becomes yellowish after some time.
  2. The other drawback of UPVC door is that it cannot be recycled once it is damaged. You only have to dispose of after you’re done with it.

Composite Doors: The composite doors are amongst the advanced range of doors as they are made up of a variety of materials including wooden cores, plastic, steel cores, foam, UPVC etc. these doors are suitable for every industry type.  These doors can be customized on the basis of user’s requirements. Some of the basic advantages make composite doors user’s first choice.


  1. The composite doors are highly secured as they are having multiple locking systems at certain heights.
  2. These doors are highly weather resistant and are also available in wide range of colour choices. The best thing about these doors is that they do not require re-paint for a decade.
  3. Every composite door includes a layer of insulation that retains the heat and keeps house warmer. 


  1. You need to pay a little higher amount to get a composite door for your house. This the only thing that can be considered as a single disadvantage of composite doors. Otherwise, they’re perfect in every sense.

Bi-fold Doors: The bi-fold doors are amongst the latest trends. These doors are usually used in houses with an aim to create subdivided rooms within an existing room.  But the use of such doors depends upon the interiors and space of a house. Not every house looks perfect after the installation of bi-fold doors.


  1. An entire room can be divided into two or more rooms using bi-fold doors.  Even closets and study rooms can be created within a single room using such doors.
  2. These doors improve the air circulation in a house. Such doors make your house look larger because of the increased amount of light it rests in.


  1. The installation of bi-fold doors is said to be much easier and quicker process, but it is not. It is too difficult to install such doors and a proper installation process is required to be followed so that these doors operate smoothly.


The above stated detailing about each door type will surely help you choose a door that goes perfectly with your requirements. Think with an open mind and opt for the door that can add elegance to your house.

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