All You Need To Know About Licensed Plumbers

Hiring a plumber can be a complex experience. If it is an emergency and you need a plumber at the earliest, you really don’t get time to call friends for their advice and suggestions, or even call multiple plumbers. Before any such situation arises, you must be aware about a good licensed plumber.

Many people aren’t even aware of the fact that there are both licensed and unlicensed plumbers. The difference can be critical to get the work done properly and in timely manner. A licensed plumber can be costly, but spending a bit more in the upfront can save you a lot in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a plumber with a license for you any plumbing job.

Well Trained:  The certification process to become a licensed plumber is detailed and extensive. It is not something that you pay a short course and get a piece of paper. These plumbers are not only well trained, but well educated also. They are required to go through intensive training for hundreds of hours to get the certificate. Hiring a plumber with a license will make sure that he has good knowledge about the work to be done.
Saves Your Money:  Though hiring a plumber with a license doesn’t come easy in the beginning, but you tend to save your money in the long run as they use the best tools and techniques to carry out the work properly and efficiently. If in case you hire an unlicensed plumber, there is a possibility that you might not get satisfaction from their work and will have to hire a licensed plumber afterwards to get the work done in the right manner.
Insured:  If, for whatever reason, a mistake occurs while carrying out the repairing work, a licensed plumber will have the insurance and the workman’s compensation in order to cover the costs. Whereas an unlicensed plumber will not provide any compensation for the loss done by him while carrying out the plumbing work.
Adheres to the Rules:  A professional plumber with a license adheres to the rules and regulations in order to remain a certified plumber. This is actually important if you are constructing a new home or expanding it under code. A licensed plumber will ensure that the corners aren’t cut and the job is done up to the mark.
Provides Guarantee:  Unlike unlicensed plumbers, licensed plumbers provide the guarantee of the work done. If in case you face the same issue in the guarantee period, you just need to make a call to them and they will come and do the work without charging anything extra.

How to find a reliable licensed plumber?

Ask for references from your known ones:  When looking for the first time, ask your known ones about references of the plumbers with a license whose services they have used in past and are satisfied. This will help you in finding from a small list of plumbers.
Check online:  If you are not satisfied with the list of plumbers you got from your known ones, you can check online too. You can visit their website and look for their services and their customers’ feedback. If you find numerous positive feedbacks, you can go for that plumber.
Yellow pages:  You can also look in yellow pages for the licensed plumbers. Make a list and have a meeting with them. Know about their services, costs and other things which can help you in finalizing the certified plumber to get your plumbing work done. Ask them if they will charge whole amount upfront or not. One who will be charging the whole amount upfront, avoid that plumber.

Summing Up

Hiring a licensed plumber is of great benefit. As discussed above, a plumber with a license will not only be beneficial in the long run, but will also give you peace of mind. They don’t provide limited services. They know everything about all the plumbing systems and carry out the work efficiently.

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