Affordable Destinations in the Uk Perfect for a Holiday

Affordable Destinations in the Uk Perfect for a Holiday

Not everyone has the luxury to go on lavish holidays, but that doesn't mean you can’t enjoy that much or have to compromise on anything. A trip to the UK is what you need if you are on a budget. And this is not a trip to the Legoland or the Butlins but to the historical villages or coastal towns that offer spectacular views of the sandy beaches and deep blue oceans, surely a complete entertainment for the whole family.

The UK is home to many unique cities, towns, and villages -  some are commonly known while some are more of a lesser known secret. With the unique architecture, atmosphere and geography UK is the best place to explore on an extended vacation with the whole family. Here are some of the best and affordable destination in the UK where you can plan your next trip.

Torquay, Babbacombe Bay, Brixham

This is a breathtaking Bay in South Devon which is a perfect place to create memories for a lifetime with your family. The glorious sandy beaches and beautiful scenery are an ideal place for any seaside holiday whether you’re travelling with the young ones or are looking to go for a romantic break with your partner.

Just a short distance away from Devon is the Babbacombe model village with its impressive architecture, vast gardens and jaw-dropping illuminations show that happens there every night.

Hunstanton and West Norfolk

West Norfolk is a home of King’s Lynn having a rich British heritage and is full of historic buildings from the middle ages. The area has the most charming countryside and a picturesque scenery to go along with that, which is why it comes to no surprise that the queen chooses to spend most of her Christmases here staying at the Sandringham Estate.

This place is for those families who are looking for a breathtaking coastline and glorious beaches. Enjoy the beauty of the place with your children, resting on the beaches while enjoying an excellent margarita or two.

Rail Trail

From Cornwall to the Snowdonia and highlands to Norfolk, rail trail has the whole Britain covered. If you want to explore the entire countryside but don't have that much time or money to spend then this is your best destination. There are over 2500 joining points throughout the country, so it is also the most convenient way to travel. You can stay in Essex, hop on the train to explore the whole country and then get back in time to your home. Explore Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe with speed, comfort and all this is accompanied by the best views of the world. All this at an affordable cost what more can you ask for?


This is an ideal place to spend your vacations, on the beautiful south coast of Cornwall. The Pentewan Sands is an all-weather clubhouse with two indoor pools, soft play area, fresh food, and family environment. This place has everything you can ever hope from a luxury vacation, a beachside restaurant, playgrounds, water sports centre, amusement arcade and much more. Just the perfect place for a family and couples to have a great time and that too on a budget.

So, these were some of the best destinations in the UK for a holiday for which you don't have to sell a kidney to go on. These might not be the only ones, but they are the best ones we have found. These spots are a good idea for any company you choose to bring, be it family, friends or even your special someone. It doesn't matter if you are visiting the UK or are living in the UK, you definitely will enjoy these. If you are travelling with a large group, it is best to go for a minibus hire service to get the best out of your vacation. Minibusses are cheap, convenient and very comfortable when it comes to a large group of people.

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