Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

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When it comes to choosing new industrial flooring systems, garage floor coatings, or other outdoor surfaces, epoxy flooring stands out from other flooring materials for many reasons. Epoxy floors, classified as resin floors, are highly durable, customisable, sustainable, and decorative on any surface. However, their ability to withstand heavy traffic makes epoxy floors the most attractive and durable option. 

The process of epoxy flooring

Epoxy is coated on concrete, wood, VCT, tile, or common industrial and commercial floors. The chemical reaction creates a bond with the substrate and forms a hard plastic. Plus, it hardens quickly, so your business can return to full-fledged form sooner. 

Epoxy floor coatings are formulated using these specialised additives to achieve many desired performance properties such as faster curing, increased wear resistance, higher chemical resistance, high viscosity, more or less, and many other features. 

In addition, various pigments, decorative coloured quartz aggregates, vinyl flakes, glitter, and other additives are added to epoxy floor resins to achieve different aesthetic and performance properties. 

Special additives such as flow control, UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, etc., are also added to create a coating that performs well in various flooring applications. 

Finally, different types of aggregate sand mixes (mud, putty, etc.) can also be added to the epoxy. It helps to create a thicker, more durable flooring system and adds an anti-slip texture. 

Epoxy floors are an extremely versatile flooring option and can be manufactured and applied with a wide range of efficiency and aesthetic properties.

Benefits of epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy flooring provides some incredible benefits. They are highly customisable and relatively more affordable; they also offer outstanding durability.

Resistance and durability 

A major advantage of epoxy flooring is that these floors are resistant to germs, and bacteria, making them easy to disinfect. Prized for their durability, epoxy floors last longer than many other types of flooring. 

The epoxy floor is also very durable and hard to wear. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial spaces. In addition, the epoxy coating can withstand the constant traffic of vehicles, heavy machinery and forklifts, as well as the foot traffic of customers and workers. And, because epoxy coats are resistant to sudden impacts, any accident, such as dropped or spilled goods, will not damage the floor surface. 

An epoxy floor needs concrete underneath anyway. Hence, epoxy floors give outstanding concrete durability. They also offer anti-fatigue benefits and can be easily rolled through cement without grout or glue.

Visual appeal and versatility

Epoxy floor coating comes in various pops of colours, designs, and finishes like marbled, metallic, granite, etc.

These colours, patterns, and finishes can be selected from the standard palette, while custom tints and hues are also available. Colour flakes and topcoats can also be added to give a grandeur gallery look. The coatings used in the seamless flooring are UV resistant against sunlight and designed to shine for years.

Effective and hygienic

We know that dust becomes less of an issue when the primary source of residual concrete is limited. So unlike rough but brittle concrete floors, you can quickly sweep over and maintain the shiny, resilient epoxy flooring surface. On top of that, cleaning epoxy floors is a simple process, whether you choose to use a broom, mop, or vacuum cleaner. Even bacteria, germs, dirt, and other contaminants won't stick to the epoxy, making it an effective and hygienic coating effortlessly.

Affordable repair option

The most impressive aspect of epoxy floor coating is that you don't need to remove the existing flooring, unlike other floor options. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and labour while getting a fresh, bright look. 

However, epoxy installation requires several coats of paint with drying time in between, which consistently exceeds the time and money that replacement flooring costs. For the extended curing period, the overall installation process could seem complicated. If you can quickly resolve any technical errors, it's comparatively a fast application and easy to install. 

Environmentally safe process

You can reduce the environmental impact by selecting the right flooring option. The process of manufacturing resin needs to be eco-friendly. If you polymerise the epoxy resin entirely, it has no chance of contaminating the environment. Use non-hazardous alternatives. Also, make sure the epoxy is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). 

Modern epoxy floor solutions by leading companies

So, licensed and trained epoxy floor coatings specialists with extensive industry knowledge and experience must maintain open communication with you at every step of the process and have protocols in place to protect your property from damage and disruption.

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