Advance Video Calling Apps for Business Collaboration

video calling apps

You may believe that a team chat app is sufficient for messaging, and I don't blame you; before the pandemic, you worked in an office with your coworkers under one roof, therefore you never needed to use the video calling option. However, because of the unusual pandemic, businesses were forced to work remotely, and they quickly understood the value of video calls.

Because of these unforeseen conditions, few startups and small businesses used Slack's free version, which did not allow for group audio/video calls unless you are upgraded to premium plans, which only allows for up to 15 members in group calls, and it doesn't have a video conference feature. As a result, teams with more than 15 members had trouble connecting via video calls. They sought Skype's compliance with their criteria, but it is now only available for personal usage, not commercial use. Henceforth, they began seeking Skype alternatives.

Here are some video calling apps to consider.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a one-stop solution for all of your office needs; it can accommodate current needs, such as remote work, while also anticipating future needs with this proactive tool. Troop Messenger's objective is to provide all of the services that its users require, apart from offering audio/ video calls, file sharing, texting, etc. It facilitates its users with some unique and important features such as remote access and screen sharing, live location monitoring, cattle call which aids in holding business meetings, video conferences, webinars, and so on. Troop Messenger was chosen by several businesses in the pandemic because of its advantages.

Defense, Air Force, Government departments, Banking, software businesses, and other organizations use Troop Messenger as their collaboration tool. It gives a great value on security, which is why it strongly recommends being an on-premise solution, despite which can be delivered with other models like SaaS, chat APIs & SDKs, and so on.

The benefits of using Troop Messenger for video calls are as follows:

  • You can join the continuing missed call using the Join Now option.
  • You can start screen sharing at any time.
  • The self-exit option allows the host to quit the call without terminating it.
  • You can share remote access or use your fellow member's initiation to gain access.


Discord is no longer only a tool for gamers during the outbreak of covid few small businesses using it for day-to-day operations. With the Discord screen share feature, small businesses, as well as gamers, have used it to their advantage.

It supports video calling in addition to chatting and audio calls on all of the regular mobile and computer platforms, as well as via its Windows version. It lets you create your own Discord "server" with sub-channels for organizing subjects and inviting anyone to join. With in-game overlay settings, the flexibility to operate it in a browser, and effective lightweight coding that doesn't drain your computer's resources, it excels as a game-streaming platform.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011 and decided to shut it down on July 31, 2021, with just a free plan acceptable for personal usage. Microsoft expected Skype users to migrate to Microsoft Teams because it can be used beyond Skype, but only a few people showed up, while others chose to utilize other tools.

Microsoft Teams is also one of the best apps with video calling capabilities. You may initiate one-on-one or group video calls with those in your company right from a chat without needing to schedule a team meeting. These conversations will be kept private and not shared with the entire team. On the other hand, call entries will appear in your conversation.


Zoom appeals to both personal and professional users. It's simple to welcome newcomers; they can join a call without having to log in or download an app. But its security issues are the major concern about Zoom's handling of data, given a few well-publicized events in which vandals broke into court and corporate meetings amid pandemic, as well as its capacity to monitor and report to meeting organizers when you go to other windows on your computer. With the above in mind, Zoom is an incredibly dependable and capable application that enables video conferencing with up to 100 participants and a 40-minute time restriction.


You may find many videos calling apps in the market but it's better to select a tool that offers other features too equally good and secure your data. Because such tools can boost productivity and business collaboration to new heights. Hence, don't take any chance in going with the best video calling app.

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