9 Ways In Which You Can Organize A Kitchen With Modular Fittings

Modular Fittings

Organizing a space might seem to be a tedious task especially when you’re lazy. But when you are very much concerned about organizing a kitchen, the task must be completed once and for all. It’s always better to go for modular kitchen fittings even when you encounter issues every now and then. This could be considered just a solution to extend the trend, harmonize everything and help you use maximum space. But, before proceeding with the tips, you should keep stuff within your reach and keep the countertops neat and tidy.

Before starting off, you should visualize and try dividing the entire space into sections. Set aside sufficient space to keep electronic gadgets, crockery, cooking utensils, the gas burner, spices and things you use on a daily basis. So, let’s have a look at as to how sections could be organized using the modular fitting options.

Around the gas burner

The area around the stove is the place from where the organizing journey should commence. While you keep the utensils and cookware closer to the hob, set aside a shelf for the pressure cooker, pans, stew pots, and more. Usually, you can just go beyond the conventional way and keep utensils on revolving racks or sliding shelves. Additionally, you can also keep utensils in drawers which are quite broad and deep.


Store kitchenware according to the usage

With cabinets set just below the countertop, you should always store frequently used things in the lower shelves. As you move up the cabinets, you can stack the items that you require off and on. Make sure the space is quite big so that pans can be kept on stainless steel trays.


Select suitable drawers

As you think to show off design style and consult an experienced interior designer, a drawer with wire baskets would be useful. You can just put plastic containers, microwave-safe utensils, chocolate moulds, or baking dishes. For effective utilization of the space, you can stack lids by setting up organizer racks.


Opt for cutlery drawers

With demarcations set for keeping spoons, knives, and forks, cutlery differing in shapes and sizes can be arranged effortlessly. So, whenever you’re serving desserts or the most favorite dish, you no longer have to delve into shelves or reach out spoon holders. In fact, you can always keep spoons and ladles next to the stoves so that they can be accessed whenever you want to.


Cabinet shelves & Open Racks

Cabinet shelves are the most ideal space for keeping electronic gadgets together. These appliances could be a sandwich maker, a food processor, a juicer, and a hand blender. But, when you purchase the appliances, you should observe the size and see if they fit in the space. It would be better if you buy appliances of the same color shade. This would add some character to space and augment the vibe.


Buy shelves for the pantry

If you have a small modular kitchen, then don’t forget to allocate some space for the pantry. You can go for sliding drawers with steel fittings to store grains, stock bought month after month, and pulses. Investing in shelves is certainly a great idea because you would avail ventilated options as per your preferences. Be wise in deciding the spot because such items have to be placed a distance away from the sink. Try categorizing items and store them in groups. This would make you happy about organizing things and would never let get into a chaos later on.


Go for open door cabinets

If you need to showcase hand painted crockery, and antique china, then open door cabinets can surely help. Stacking baskets in a certain order is another fantastic idea for open cabinets. These would fascinate the guests and lend a clutter-free look to space. For a stunning effect, you can also set up fixtures and let the light play around. A retro look to the cabinets can be thought about in case you plan to adorn the cotton floral curtains.


Utilize the space well

Even if the modular kitchen design is laid across a small space, you can maximize space utilization by setting up storage units and pull out trolleys. While such units can be customized as per your needs, the cabinets should be as small as 5 to 6 inches. In fact, these are perfect because they offer ample space for storing sleek jars and oil bottles.


Fix rotating trays

It’s always recommended to go for rotating trays when you choose kitchen fittings. Soon after you have fixed them inside the cabinets, you can rotate them with a gentle spin. Moreover, you can place the trays in a corner with ketchup, and jams containers stacked one above the other. Once again, you should categorize the containers depending on what you are going to store. Well, such trays are also nicknamed as ‘lazy Susan trays’ simply because they can be used with minimal effort. As you step out for shopping, select trays made from plastic because these are washable or can be wiped with a damp cloth.


In case you live near the coast, then you should protect the walls with a tile backsplash and prefer using stainless steel fittings. For a rustic but yet a contemporary touch, you can also select waterproof wood or a laminate. A little bit of research can actually help you pick the best backsplash idea and look for brands that you could trust. Regardless of what kind of layout you have on your mind, you can get in touch with an interior designer and come up with a plan. A basic modular kitchen design is worth thinking about, but you have to be ready to bear the cost. With time, you would be happy because you can still use the space and save time shuffling things from one corner to the other.


So, hope you have learnt some effective ways of organizing the kitchen. If you have any other idea, then we would be keen to hear from you. Do share it with us, till then, you can just follow the ways mentioned above and get organized.

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