9 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Creative Ideas for Outdoor marketing

Marketing ideas work outdoors, and you want to take those ideas out but don’t know how to?

There are plenty of tools that can help you with marketing outdoors, and this blog read will help you start your marketing campaign in the most effective manner.

You can use some of the traditional marketing outdoor methods, including using foamex boards, vinyl stickers, billboards.

Get Creative with Outdoor Marketing Campaign

Here is a list of top 8 marketing tools which can be used as an outdoor marketing tool


Flags such as beach flags can be used to attract your customer audience. These flags can be designed creatively by your designers, and you can use them for advertising your products or sales.

Since the flags can be seen from longer distances, make sure that you print only limited content. More the number of banners, the better your marketing is

Signs and Panels:

These can be used on any occasion, and that makes signs and panels a useful marketing tool. These foamex sign boards are made from sturdy metals which can withstand the harsh and extreme weather conditions.

You can crave text (mirror image of the text) out of the contour cut panel to make it more attractive. As the sun strike this panel, it casts a shadow which makes the text readable. Please do not use too many words on the boards otherwise it would be a failed marketing tool for your business

Wall Advertising:

The walls in different areas to use it as a marketing tool. You can use the space on the wall to put up stickers, posters or even paint them. Mural painting is another effective way to use the wall.

Make sure that the picture is done in such a way that a person standing next to it appears to be standing in the actual area and not near a wall painting. You may have to look up for talented writers who make the wall painting seem like a real scene.

3D Advertisement:

Advertisement is one of the best ways to catch peoples attention, and for this, you will have to design your ads rightly. The 3D ad can be a cutting edge over your competitors.

You can add a 3D component such as posters, billboards or pavement signs and take your brand to the next level.

Transit Ads:

Transit ads are useful in marketing outdoors, use the places where people are generally found. Such popular sites include bus stops, railway stations, taxi ranks.

You can talk to the government and cover the trains with vinyl stickers for branding your business. You can also stick posters to grab customers attention at the waiting areas of bus stops.


They are famous for decoration; however, it is not effectively utilized as a marketing tool. The fantastic part of the label is that you can use it to stick it to any surface such as windows, doors, floors and even sinks! So, don’t limit the marketing campaign and utilize this traditional sticking method to brand yourself.

Advertise on the street furniture:

The common people use street furniture daily. Start using them as your marketing tool. Kitkat has rightly used the street benches to advertise their brand by their brand motto which is “ Have a break, have a KitKat”. These street furniture ads always get the attention of people and also leaves a lasting impression

Interactive Marketing:

People today are more interested in those ad campaigns, which gives a unique user experience and also makes them memorable for them. You can do that for your business by using technology to interact with your target audience.

Such a unique marketing campaign was conducted by the NHS blood donation campaign which encourages people to donate blood to people and demonstrate how they helped the patients recover from their ailment.

For this, they used a digital billboard where they show the patients who need a blood transfusion. The people passing by this digital billboards are given a sticker which can put on their forearm.

These stickers must be scanned by a smartphone to simulate the virtual blood transfusion from you. When this process is carried out, you will see how the patient on the digital billboard starts becoming healthy as his blood bag is getting filled up with your blood.

User experiences must be created, which will motivate the audience to sign up for your products or services instantly.

Get your onboard marketing team brainstorm to utilize the foamex signboards and vinyl stickers in different ways to reach out to your customers.

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