9 Best Ways to Make Your Drive Eco-Friendly

9 Best Ways to Make Your Drive Eco-Friendly

There are several reasons why this gender disparity could be in place. But, as we move forward, most people are changing attitudes toward buying new electric and hybrid cars. Want to switch to more eco-friendly motoring? Check out our top tips on making your drive greener

1. Maintain your car regularly 
The first step toward making your drive more efficient is to have your car serviced and maintained on a regular basis. If your vehicle isn't running properly or if it doesn't get its annual health check, you may experience higher emissions and higher fuel costs.

2. Choose eco-friendly tires
Tires are harmful to the environment in a variety of ways. For starters, they're made of rubber and plastic, which takes a long time to degrade. Second, tires emit greenhouse gases. According to Emissions Analytics, particulates from tires could cause 1,000 times more pollution than exhaust emissions.

While the factors involved make this a contentious topic, there is an environmentally friendly alternative. Synthetic compounds, recycled materials, and silica rubber are used to make green tires. These options are available from major tire manufacturers. The only disadvantage is that you will have to pay more than you would for a standard tire.

3. Take it steady 
The temptation to put your foot down can actually harm your fuel economy and emissions. Instead, maintain a constant speed with no abrupt acceleration or braking.

Speed is a well-known source of emissions. In order to reduce pollution, some councils have trialed lower speed limits on specific stretches of highway.

4. Plan your journey 
Sitting in traffic is the most efficient way to waste fuel and breathe in everyone else's exhaust fumes. While we would prefer to avoid all traffic in an ideal world, it is sometimes unavoidable. However, some forethought can provide you with a better view of the traffic on your route, giving you the best chance of avoiding it.

Leaving earlier in the morning or later in the evening may help reduce the likelihood of traffic congestion. Consider purchasing a sat nav or using your in-car infotainment system to alert you to any traffic congestion. This will give you enough time to reroute if necessary.

5. Share journeys
A few years ago, there was a big push for car sharing. While this has declined in popularity, it is still a great way to save money on gas and reduce the number of cars on the road.

You'd be surprised how many trips you could take with friends and family. Some locations also have car-sharing lanes for vehicles carrying two or more people. 

6. Follow gear guidance
If your vehicle has a gear guidance system, it can help you drive more environmentally friendly. It works by advising you on the best gear for your speed, resulting in a smoother drive. 

7. Monitor the PDF filter in diesel cars 
Diesel particulate filters (DPF) have been standard on all diesel vehicles since 2009. This filter prevents soot from being released into the environment as one of the most polluting cars on the road in terms of emissions.

However, while these are excellent ways to reduce pollution, they must be maintained in order to function properly. Furthermore, some diesel drivers experience DPF blockages, which affect how the car runs and can be expensive to replace.

8. Declutter your vehicle 
It's amazing how much stuff we have in our cars. This extra weight, however, may cost you more at the gas pump. Furthermore, your vehicle will emit more pollutants. Regularly empty your car and remove roof racks or boxes if not in use. A more aerodynamic vehicle is one that is more efficient.

9. Buy or lease an electric car
Driving an electric car is one of the most efficient and low-carbon ways to get around on a daily basis. This is a great way to be more environmentally friendly because there are no tailpipe emissions and no need to use fossil fuels (directly) to get around.

EVs have cutting-edge technology to make your drive more efficient, in addition to using electricity to 'fuel up.' Different driving modes, for example, optimize range so you can travel further for less. Regenerative braking systems also capture and reuse energy that would otherwise be lost when braking or coasting.

If you're not convinced by an all-electric vehicle, consider a plug-in hybrid or simply lease a car to see if it's an option for you. These models are more efficient than pure gasoline or diesel alternatives. Furthermore, they are less expensive than EVs.

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