8 Symptoms That Women Can’t Ignore

8 Symptoms That Women Can’t Ignore

In the modern rabid rhythm of life, sometimes there is not enough time to listen to your body. There may be some changes in our body, and we do not notice or decide that it will go away itself. But there are symptoms that indicate the presence of serious illnesses, and they should in no way be left without attention. Here is information about 8 signals from our body that can talk about important changes in the female body.
1.Sudden weight loss
Few women will be upset if they find out that they have lost weight. However, if weight loss occurred suddenly and without adjusting nutrition and exercise, then this is a reason to think. There are many reasons for weight loss, and not the most pleasant ones: from constant stress to diabetes and cancer. Be sure to consult a doctor.
2.Chronic fatigue
All of us periodically get exhausted to the limit, but if you feel tired for more than 2 weeks while getting a normal routine, consult a specialist. This condition may be due to problems with the thyroid gland, heart diseases or vitamin D deficiency.
3.Changes in the chest
An examination of the mammary glands needs to be done by every woman. And in case of any changes (colors, forms, the appearance of seals, etc.), it is necessary to turn to the mammalogist.
4.Difficulty breathing and dizziness with light loads
If even a slight physical load like a step up on the 2nd floor causes dizziness and difficulty in breathing, it is worth asking a specialist: these may be symptoms of asthma or heart diseases.
5. Heart palpitations
Of course, if the heartbeat speeds up during physical activity or emotional experiences, there’s no need to panic. But if it happens regularly and without the influence of external factors, it is worth seeing a doctor. Immediately call an ambulance if shortness of breath is accompanied by one of the following symptoms: chest pain, nausea or fainting.
6.Changes in moles
If you have a new suspicious mole or old one has changed its texture, shape or color, be sure to contact your doctor. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of time in the sun. As unusual moles and birthmarks may be the sign of melanoma or other types of skin cancer or a warning sign that it might occur. 

7.Abdominal distention
Once everyone has felt as if we are about to burst after a grand feast. But distention of the abdomen, not connected with overeating, can cause problems with the ovaries. Distention also often worries women during menstruation. It can also be caused by intolerance to certain types of food. In these cases, after a few days the problem disappears by itself. If, in addition to this, you began to be stuffed earlier than usual, often go to the toilet or feel pain in the pelvis area, immediately consult a doctor.
8.Sudden change in eyesight
If your sight suddenly worsens or you it starts doubling in your eyes, see your doctor. And if this is accompanied by loss of balance, dizziness, speech problems, changes in facial expression or numbness of the body, urgently call an ambulance: all of this is a sign of a stroke.

It is important to remember how important it is to undergo a medical examination regularly. If you want to have good health, you must carefully monitor it. Responsibility for our health lies not only on doctors but also on ourselves.

If you notice some of these symptoms, contact your doctor as soon as possible. This will allow you to identify the problem quickly and avoid more serious health consequences in the future.

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