8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor

Ever considered the thought that you might need to hire a waterproofing expert someday? Hiring a waterproofing contractor seems like a big deal for those who believe their house contains smart and strong waterproofing. Being a homeowner, there are a lot of things that you might need to take into consideration daily. All the things related to the well-being of the house need to be prioritized to keep your house protected in case of an emergency.

Well, we’ve got you covered to become an expert in hiring a waterproofing contractor. Here are the questions you should ask while hiring a waterproofing contractor:

The Experience

This is one of the most important things to know about, a waterproofing contractor. The longer they have been into the business, the more they are efficient and have the know-how to complete your project. They know everything that can go wrong. That means, you can trust them with your waterproofing and your basement won’t overwhelm them.

You can always ask them how long they have been into the business. How much experience do they have in all?

The License

For every state/country, there are different laws and licenses that a contractor or a company is required to have, before beginning to practice. The need for a trade license is a universal requirement. If the waterproofing contractor that you inquire, does not have it, drop the plan right away. It might be the last thing that you would need, to get the waterproofing managed by someone who did not go through the right qualifications.

You must ask do they have the license to practice waterproofing. Are they qualified enough to be trusted for waterproofing in your basement?

Are You Insured?

Proper insurance helps you be protected from liability if anything goes downside. Check if the waterproofing contractor you are hiring has the insurance or not. And having liability insurance is just as important as the license. If the contractor is insured, the homeowner and the contractor both can be compensated for the loss that happens during the job.

You must ask if the waterproofing contractor that you are going to hire is insured or not?

The Solutions They Offer

Various waterproofing solutions and techniques are used by the waterproofing contractors to address water problems such as French drains, sump pumps, window well and stairwell drains, downspouts, crack and structural repair, waterproofing membranes, erosion control, re-grading, and driveway drains. Before hiring the contractor, check which are the solutions that they provide, and which solutions will be apt for the problem occurring in your basement. Whether they offer only interior drainage systems or both interior and exterior drainage systems.

You must check if the problem in your basement is solved rightly by the contractor you hire.

The Problem

If you often face the same problem, maybe ask the waterproofing contractor what is causing the problem in your basement. There are various reasons that might cause a water problem. Hydrostatic pressure, negative grading, poorly sump pump discharge pipes, high water tables might be the reason.

If you hire a waterproofing contractor, get the problem analyzed at first itself, and try reaching the solution of the problem. And make sure the solution proposed by the contractor solves the source of your problem.

You can ask him what the problem is?

The Warranty

Every waterproofing product comes with a specific warranty time. Warranties by the contractor may cover the material or the labor or maybe both. Ask them what their warranty covers, how long will it last, and whether it can be transferred to the next homeowner or not. Also, check if the warranty coverage adds up extra charges or it is included in the basic cost.

The Materials

You must make sure that the contractor that you hire is well-versed with various products and materials used during the waterproofing process. You can check for all these details on their website and see the products used by them. Check the material your waterproofing contractor is planning to use.

Is there anything you can do?

This is probably the top question you should ask, the waterproofing contractor. The waterproofing expert can help you with a few tips with an initial inspection. Make sure that your eaves troughs are clean and free of debris. It is important to make sure that there is proper drainage and the water is moving away from your property.

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