8 Facts That You Should Never Miss To Include In Your Wedding Invitation

8 Facts That You Should Never Miss To Include In Your Wedding Invitation

Your wedding day is the most special in your lifetime. Hence, you aspire to make the day memorable forever. You desire to celebrate the day in a manner that it gets crowned with success. So what can you do to materialize your plan in this regard? Well, you can think about creating a wedding invitation. Once you have the invitation maker application handy, creating a unique wedding invitation yourself is not a big deal. Instead, you can create the best presentation, putting the least effort and within the minimum time. Such an exceptional invitation will entice your invitees to attend your ceremony. 

Here come the key points that you inevitably need to include in the wedding invitation. It will trigger interest in the minds of your invites, driving them to attend the event. 

1. Never miss out the Host Line 

Speaking about the points that you inevitably need to include in the wedding invitation, let’s start with the Host Line. Put in simple words, and it is an introduction to the Bride and groom as well as to the key members in their family. For example, you should include the name of the Bride and groom and their parents. Likewise, your invitation should include information about the family structure and the family tree of the Bride and the groom. You should pick a format that ideally suits your situation. 

2. Make the invitation all the more appealing with the Request Line 

Are you inviting an invitee to the place of Worship or the reception? Based on this point, you need to use different wordings. The request line should sound very specific about inviting the guest to either of these venues or at both these places. These days, using informal wording is becoming more and more popular. Such phrases set a lighter mood and tone to the invitation, establishing a better emotional attachment with the invitees. It is more likely to fetch the proposed invitee to the event floor. 

3. A separate line for the Bride and Groom

As the Bride and the groom are the lead protagonists of the wedding event, their names certainly deserve a separate line. In this regard, the American Style connects the name of the Bride and grooms with the word “to.” On the other hand, the Jewish Style uses the word “and.” If you are giving a more traditional style to the invitation, the surname of the Bride has not been repeated if it is the same with her parent’s name. It would help if you never used Courtesy Titles while you introduce the Bride and the groom. 

4. Date and Time of the Event

 Probably the most vital information to include in the invitation, highlight the Date and time of the event. You can specify the time, mentioning AM or PM as the suffix. Alternatively, you can say phrases like “In the Morning” or “At Evening.” It will guide your invitees to attend the event at the right time. Traditionally, the year is not included with the Date. However, it will be worthy of doing it for keepsake value. The contemporary Style in mentioning the Date and time involves numerical. However, it is not that casual approach. 

5.  Mention the occasion Venue clearly, along with a route map 

You must state the occasion Venue clearly so that it creates no ambiguity in the minds of the invitees. The traditional approach in this regard guides that you should never include the street address of the Worship Place or any well-reputed locations. However, contemporary Style involves this approach. You should never use commas in between the lines, and you should always spell out the state. If you are creating the invitation in a more modern style, you may include the address as numerical, however, don’t mention the pin code. But, it should be said on the enclosed envelope, if you are mailing it to the invitee. 

6. A separate Reception Line or Card 

In case the wedding ceremony and the reception are scheduled at the same venue and time, a single, consolidated invitation will do. If these occasions are planned at different places or at different times, you need separate lines for the reception. Likewise, you can consider a separate card for the folk whom you invite to the dinner. These days, people hardly invite some people to the wedding ceremony or the reception only. 

7. Reply Card or the RSVP Line

Today, hosts usually included a reply envelope along with a postal stamp to facilitate a reply from the invitee. However, not taking this approach is not a breach of courtesy, though it might turn into a risky game. 

 RSVP line is among the crucial information that you will find in an invitation card. It appears in the left corner at the bottom. It usually includes the mailing address, email, and phone number, as well as the website, if any. 

8. Include some particular information, if any

In case your event does not offer a full course meal to the invitees, you should mention that point clearly on the invitation card. In such instances, you should specify the point like “wedding ceremony followed by a cocktail party,” rather than putting things like “subsequently at the reception.” If you expect your guests to attend the event in some specific dress, you should mention such points if it is a themed party. It will help your guests to participate in the event with full preparation. Such information should feature on the reception card or the reception line. 

Ensure that you are including these points so that your invitees feel excited to attend the event. It will surely drive the occasion to taste success. The YouTube video editor makes it easier to create a unique wedding invitation. However, you need to approach this task in a careful and considerate manner. Give due attention to the content. Ensure that your invitation includes critical information that your invitees need to know about the event. Missing out single information in this regard, you will trigger confusion in the minds of your invitees. It is likely to churn your guests from attending your event. 

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