8 Colour Combinations to Ring in the Festive Spirit

Festive Interiors

India is a land of Festivals and Colourful events and it’s quite interesting to bring the same energetic spirit to your home design. We can do so much with our home and make it look lively. But out of all the ways, the easiest way to do it by bringing the festive colours to our home. There are so many colour combinations found in today’s time, that’s why choosing the right one becomes quite hard. So here are 8 Colour combination ideas that will make your home look brighter and shinier.

Blue combined with Beige or white: 

Blue is one the attractive colour that gives a welcoming effect. It is found in many shades and all of them merge well with white or beige. You will admire the vintage look of this colour combination. Blue with white will be the best match and these two colours complement each other the best. 

Classic Silver and Gold: 

Festive season is all about bling and the best way to bring that effect to your home is by adding silver and gold. The best way to do so is by getting the home décor in these two colours. These will combine well with any colour palette.The jewel tones will bring in the prefect festive vibes with some decor pieces which are exceptionally the good when it comes to festivals like Diwali in India.

White over off White: 

White colour is a glorious colour that depicts royalty. So why not help your home to reflect the same? Go for the off white colour theme and combine it with translucent and white ornaments and twinkling light. Also, you combine plants with this theme.

Retro look with Pink and Lime Green: 

Having a bright colour theme is always cheerful. And the two bright colours that combine well are pink and lime green. Keep the walls plain and bring pink and lime green colour through home décor and furniture. Pink and lime is another modern combination one will usually not find this combination in many Indian homes but this combination will create a perfect welcoming look for your home. 

Metallic colours combined with black: 

The Black and metallic colours make an amazing combination. Black is a dark colour and metallic colours add a shine to it. This theme is very sophisticated and gives you the royal vibes.

Pink and Gold: 

If you are confused while choosing the best festive colour combination, simply go for a pink and gold theme. It is a shiny combination and helps you to welcome the festivals with a happy feeling. Millennial Pink is the colour which will give you the glamorous yet subtle look to your home. It will not be too much not less as well. The Gold should be the lighter shade of Gold the lighter the brighter the combination will appear.

Monochrome Shades:

Monochrome shades helps in bringing a dramatic look to your home. It is harmonious and gives the happening vibes to your house. There are many options in the same and you have to look for the best for your home.

White and Brown:

White is a minimalistic colour, while brown has the appealing vibes. These two merge well and helps your home to get a rustic charm. You can get this theme to your home and welcome the festive season in the most sophisticated way. Bohemian kind of styled homes also uses White and Brown as their main colour and these two colours get combined or completed well with green, red and yellow. 

These colour combinations have the happy vibes and will be perfect for the festive season.

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