8 Best Types of Software Testing

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"Software Applications have become a major need for every enterprise today. While developing these applications, the teams list out several expected results so that it becomes easier to validate after the software is completely developed. This way of testing the application by comparing it with the actual results and expected results is known as software testing. Software testing is a very vast concept as every testing type has its significant importance for achieving a quality-assured software. Teams have to make sure that all-important software testing methods are practiced in order to achieve complete benefits."

Software testing is the methodology of testing the developed application by comparing the expected results and actual results. This practice helps in achieving many benefits such as error-free and quality-assured software applications. There are a number of testing types that shouldn’t be eliminated, however, to ensure this, the best way for the teams is to list out the best and important software testing types.

Digital Testing: Almost every enterprise of today is explicitly going digital and in order to meet every need of their customers, enterprises are taking every needful step so that there will not be any hurdles with reputation and business loss. Digital testing helps to address several challenges such as performance, usability, performance, usability, cross-browser compatibility, testing, etc. It is a complete end-to-end testing practice to ensure the best user experience.

Security Testing: The world is getting digitalized very rapidly with many advancements and new technologies. But, at the same time, it is even creating several glitches related to security. Security testing is the practice that helps to overcome such vulnerabilities and prevents the application from malicious attacks. This methodology helps to find the application flaws that can be in favor of intruders and thus, prevents security risks.

Performance Testing: This is one of the non-functional testing types that help to determine the stability, speed, and responsiveness of a web application under the workload. Performance testing is further divided into different types of load testing, stress testing, spike testing, soak testing, etc.

DevOps and Agile Testing: Traditional testing methods are no more the best ways for the present techie world. Enterprises are effectively in need of software that is released rapidly, with constant testing, team collaboration, iterative approach, etc. These can be achieved when teams adopt DevOps and Agile Testing. DevOps helps in maintain continuous testing, and continuous delivery; and Agile helps iterative approach with team collaboration, rapid releases, etc.

Usability Testing: This way of testing helps to understand how real users can use the application. During this testing approach, the users perform typical tasks in order to find the bugs related to usability, and finally to ensure whether the user is satisfied with the usability of the application.

User Acceptance Testing: UAT is performed at the last phase after performing functional, integration, and system testing. This method is performed either by the client or the end-user to validate the software system before moving it to the production environment.

Regression Testing: This is one of the important testing types as it helps to validate and ensure that a new change in the code is not affecting the already existing features of the application. In this methodology, functional and non-functional tests are retested to ensure that a previous development and testing made to the software is working the same even after the changes.

Mobile Testing: Mobiles have become the most common device for users and thus mobile devices have become an important platform for applications. And, mobile testing is the practice that helps in delivering successful software by validating the app’s usability, functionality, and maintains consistency to benefit user-acceptance.


The above-mentioned are important and the best software testing types that can help in achieving a defect-free, quality, secured, highly performing, software for end-users. However, these can be achieved when the teams consider the best testing practices. Leverage software testing services from independent QA testing services providers for achieving the complete benefits of software testing with the best testing practices.

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