7 Ways to Use the Marble Trends in Your Homes to Perfection

Marble trends

Marbles are coming back and making a style statement for themselves lately. All thanks to the intricate patterns that grace the marble and are perfect for house interior design. It is not only limited to home décor but is also reaching out to graphics and fashion. What makes it stunning is its random structure and patterns and the fact that no two marble tiles can have exactly similar patterns. Check out these 7 ways in which you can chic the marble trend in your homes.

Marble flooring

Marble floors are one of the most glorious things out there. The simplicity of marble and the natural intricate patterns makes it perfect flooring stuff. Just prep yourself up for the maintenance of the marble floors as they quickly soak up stains and it can be hard to remove them, but the little pain is worth it for the grandeur of the marble! Marble flooring can sometimes be risky as well if you have kids in your home then it will be better to have another type of flooring because if someones falls then it may result in injury. 

Home accessories

Marble can be pretty expensive to buy for house interior design but you can get the marble touch without paying the fortune. Deck the kitchen with marble utensils that are simple and yet so stunning. Marble crockery is the next big thing when it comes to interior designing. You can also replace your regular bathroom accessories like a handwash dispenser with the marble one.

Plant pots

If you want to add some natural elements to your house along with the marble touch, then just buy some marble pots and keep your indoor plants in them. Plant pots look alluring in every part of the house so don’t feel shy to add the element. This is also a good option if you have a huge balcony.

Marble countertops

It feels like countertops are the things that the marbles were originally made for. Marble countertops look alluring, classy and just so perfect. So, install marble countertops in your kitchens and bathrooms without having a second thought because marbles are the best you can get for the thing. Marbles play a very vital role in designing especially for kitchen and bathrooms. 

Marble cubes

Marble cubes look are so flexible and look just so classy. Buy some marble cubes and use them for multiple purposes. Use them as bedside tables to keep bedside lamps or just use them as stools in front of some low tables. Buy some small cubes to keep them on the table making some patterns to mix up things.

Get them on walls

If you feel like marble floors are a kind of cliché, then break the trend and use the texture on your walls. Put marble effect wallpaper on your walls and lay back to see your room getting completely transformed. And you guessed it right, only marble has the power to completely transform something like that.

Wall clocks

If you want to have marble touch in your homes but don’t want to go over the top with it, then marble wall clocks are the thing for you. Buy a wall clock with a marble that contrasts well with your walls and it will be the most stunning accessory to grace your house. Such a wall clock gives your home a chic vibe that looks super elegant on your walls. 

Home décor ideas that involve marbles are in a real trend today. If you are building a new house or thinking about renovating the existing one, then marble would pull out the trick perfectly for you.

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