7 Tips that Guarantee a Great Brochure Design


Technology has taken marketing to a whole new level as competition heats up in the market. There has been exciting innovation and a trend of creative marketing which means consumers expect a lot more from the simplest marketing tactics. Although digital marketing has emerged as an excellent way to reach new markets, traditional print remains a powerful strategy. Brochures, in particular, are highly recommended by marketing geniuses especially for new fish in the sea.

Consumers look forward to brochures and are more likely to respond positively to them as compared to other print marketing. There are a couple of reasons for that which you must consider while developing a brochure design for your company. Brochures often present a wealth of essential and interesting information about a new business in town. You can talk about how it all started, what your aims are, your brand’s philosophy, available products/services, etc.

Besides the basic content, the appearance of your brochure determines the level of interest a consumer will show to a great extent. You need to make sure that your target audience chooses your brochure over that of your competitor. Also, it should intrigue them enough to actually open up and read it rather than it lying around the house or ending up in the trash. Here are a couple of smart ways to deal with brochure design to produce delightful results.     

1. Different texture

Looks matter in marketing but so does feel. You need to appeal to the senses of the consumer so playing around with textures will pull them in. You could use glossy or matte paper with embossed lettering or go with textural contrast in your brochure. The front or back would be ideal for texture emphasis.

2. Simple approach

Most businesses want their marketing material to reflect modernity and sheer class. If you look at contemporary graphic designs you will notice that they adopt minimalism. Use space effectively to bring an important aspect to the forefront. When you incorporate too many elements it tends to get messy, confusing, and tacky.  

3. Creative surprises

Remember when you used to make handmade pop-up cards at school in art class? It’s not juvenile rather it adds fun to your brochure and delights your readers. You could use this to your advantage if your brand has a playful image or you deal with something related to kids.

4. Booklet shapes

Rectangles and squares are everywhere so if you want your brochure design to stand out, think outside the box. Classic is good but it can also be boring. You could use the silhouette of your product as a guideline for your brochure shape. For instance, a real estate company could make their brochure in the shape of a house.  

5. Intriguing inserts

It’s a good idea to add items like business cards, informational CDs, or flash drives in a pocket inside your brochure. The plain pocket design can hold your insert but there’s definitely room to play around with it. Show off your creative sense!

6. Witty concept

You could also make it relevant to your brand in some way before you hand it over to brochure printing services. How you deliver your message to your target audience is crucial. The straightforward way makes people want to skip pages.

7.  Statement typography

As minimalism takes over graphic design, there has been a stress on typography. Even if your front page is totally blank, a well thought out font style would make it look stunning. It would also make readers pay more attention to your message and not graphics. 

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