7 Tips for Cost-Effective Web Application Development

web app development

With the development in technology even the techniques used in web application development are changing. The article will show you the trends and techniques you must know for cost-effective web application development services in 2018 so that you are not left behind with technology.

Motion UI

One of the most common and popular web application development services techniques followed in 2018. Motion UI actually removes the complexity of a site keeping it simple for the users who are frustrated with lot of GIFs and advertisements popping up. Now the web developers believe in designing simple website as they know the site will be liked by the users the most. You can also make the standard website little more attractive.

Very soon you will get to see advanced motion UI gaining momentum. It will help the developers style your site with animations and make it look different among a plenty of websites based on static UI.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is certainly highly interactive, simple and faster trend in web development. When it comes to mobile devices it allows the marketers to connect to their target audience easily. This will soon make social audiences merge AR into respective platforms. For example, Snapchat had chosen AR feature which helps the users to include Bitmoji and safeguard it through the camera of their phone.

Even big brands can display their products using special filters right into homes of different users on social media.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are the websites that you will find quite similar to local mobile apps and the best thing is that they can work offline too. Thus it offers a perfect user experience. According to studies, PWAs will be in competition with local mobile apps soon in 2018.  Why not, as progressive web apps load faster and can work without an internet connection too. That’s the reason it will top the list of perfect web application development technique.

PWAs are quite popular with UX. Many popular sites like Flipkart have created PWAs out of their portals, which has shown increased user engagement and increased conversions across various platforms.

These websites are very easy to maintain and takes less time to develop.

Single Page websites

It is a lengthy website and the page is scrollable with detailed information of a particular site for its users without the need to shift to other page. Thus it helps users save a lot of time going through complicated navigations, plenty of text to refer and menus of multi levels. The single page websites are certainly not an ideal choice for ecommerce. But, they are excellent choice for mobile websites as the users will not have to go through several pages to gather related information.

Indeed, single page websites are quite user-friendly and comes with a lot of advantages for businesses as it brings down the cost related to web application development, web designing, web hosting etc. The businesses can get benefited via such sites as the conversion rates are higher with these sites.


Blockchain is indeed the most beneficial way of collective storage of data. There is a huge network of computers all over the world having a plenty of data stored on each of them and the data is basically decentralized. In such cases block chain offers high security and there are no mediators in between these transactions. Each and every transaction is properly checked and is based on a set of complicated rules even while huge network of computers are connected to the network.

 Blockchain technology works really great for many multinational banks as it offers unmatched security for the important data.

Useful Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

E-commerce developers can make most of the chatbots as they allow them to develop sites with relevant online help. It helps the users to place order for food, buy tickets and many more things just at a single click. The technology assures that all of such customer interactions will be carried out without the intervention of human help almost by 2020.

Advanced chat bots are basically based on AI that play a vital role in years to come as they are efficient enough to comprehend live speech and they are always in process of learning. For example, eBay utilizes chatbot in FB to accelerate the communication system.

The technique is helpful in responding to the queries asked by the customer through text or other methods in order to complete a particular transaction. In such cases chatbot function can be available 24X7 and provide unbelievable assistance.

Push notifications for sites

It is a boon and amazing technique for e-commerce developers. As notifications on mobile apps tend to increase re-engagement of users you can say that businesses would certainly have an added advantage using this technology. This will help the users to get notifications on recent updates on a specific website even while they are not using the site.

The higher user engagement is one of the major benefits of push notifications for sites.


Do not forget that technology is changing and so does the techniques towards web application development. Not adopting the new techniques can leave you behind in the race. When you build a site that has the latest trends you will be able to get back happy clients, high user engagement, encourage old customers to return to your site and in turn generate leads.

 If you are still using the old techniques then do not overlook the fact that your site needs to be revamped with the latest trends that would help you stay in the competition. With so many new techniques coming into the picture, make sure you familiarize with your business niche so that you can adopt the latest technology that proves to be ideal for your business. The new techniques with latest technology are quite popular because of the added features that make the things simple and easy for you and your customers.

You can give a new makeover to your site to stay ahead in the competition.

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