7 Steps For You To Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

7 Steps For You To Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Are you finally ready to pop the question but haven't selected a ring yet? This happens to most grooms when they find their better half, but no worries! We got your back here. A perfect engagement ring is just 7 steps away from you. To grab this opportunity, stick to this piece.

Thinking of a halo diamond ring for your lover who loves tiny dainty diamonds cannot make your proposal a dream one. No matter whether it is a Rosie ring or a solitaire ring, keep her in mind!

1. Understand her style

The journey of keeping her in mind starts here. Till now, you must know her likes, dislikes, clothing preferences, jewelry styling, and more. If not, start taking notes on everything, what kind of finger rings she buys for herself, what kind of diamonds she likes, and the list goes on. Here are some key points to note to understand her style.

  • Do her eyes flutter while looking at big centerpiece jewelry?
  • Does she favor eclectic and flighty designs?
  • Does she love small, simple jewelry?

Always go for a ring that matches your would-be wife's personality and taste. Keep note of her working schedule; does she use her hand a lot? Because an uncovered diamond ring can break into pieces with a direct hit.

2. Consider the latest trends.

No matter how many catalogs you go through, you will always need inspiration for engagement rings. This year trends are evolving, as modern designs with more detailed and unique craftsmanship rings are favored the most. Here are few engagement ring trends to watch out for in 2021:

  • Special rings with personal details
  • Band style engagement rings
  • Heirloom-inspired European cuts.
  • Classic solitaire ring
  • Halo diamond ring princess cut

Moving to the current trends, couples are seen shifting to classic cuts like cushion, oval, round set in a white gold setting that makes the center diamond pop out and sparkle.

3. Choose the center stone.

Most of the diamond rings have great centerpiece stones. In a three-stone design, the middle stone is larger than the other two stones. If you have fixed your mind on diamonds, don't waste your time picking up the centerpiece. For diamonds, you need to think of the shape of the stone.

For broad fingers, oval, pear, or marquise is the ideal choice as it slenderizes fingers and keeps the focus on the design. Looking for bright and brilliance, go for princess cut, oval, and round shapes. For a vintage appeal, choose a cushion cut diamond ring.

4. Decide on metal and setting.

Found the perfect stone? It's time to proceed on to choosing settings and metal. Always consider your stone while picking out a setting and metal. For example, If you have a big princess cut diamond, go for a four-prong or basket setting with white gold.

If you are going for the safest option like yellow gold solitaire, select a diamond color grade J, or K. Want vintage feels? Opt for L and M grades. For the halo diamond engagement ring, white gold suits the best.

Want love bands for both of you? Choose a channel setting as it offers glamor by setting the diamonds next to each other without any metal separating the diamonds.

5. Go down to minute details.

Want to add small diamonds besides the larger ones?  Or need a large piece in the band-style ring. Now, as you have chosen the metal and setting, add personalized designs to make an engagement ring heirloom-worthy.

You can add her birthstones with diamonds, some like them with a centerpiece or on the edges. Just be sure the piece you choose compliments the diamond’s shape and does not overshadow its brightness. You can also create a traditional halo design with colorful diamonds.

6. Get ring insurance.

An engagement ring is a pricey affair. To keep it secure at all times, consider buying ring insurance. The insurance policy will offer reimbursement if the ring gets stolen or is damaged. You can even add an umbrella policy under a rental policy that covers expensive jewelry.

Ring insurance is not a mandatory step but is always recommended, as the maintenance fee for damaging such an expensive ring will be high, and insurance will help you save a lot of money.

7. Always compare options

Never conclude a deal without comparing similar options. If you are shopping your engagement from online platforms, compare prices on various websites. Note down the differences in price and their aspects to give a final decision.


Nobody likes to pay extra, so investing time on good research won't harm. Maintain a strict budget and go for products that are relevant to your search. Comparing does not mean just noticing the price, in what price a site offers you a 2-carat diamond and is the price the same in other websites or fluctuates.

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